Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Two New Review

Two new reviews onlineJust to keep the article updates flowing nicely I've also added two reviews submitted by Shao14 to the reviews section. New in we have a review of the full metal KJW M9 GBB , and also a review of the Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle (Hard Kick) GBB pistol. Check out the reviews for the full details and photos.
ArniesAirsoft Updates : 7:41 pm 23 Mar 2005 by Arnie
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Map and updates from IronfootGraham, (IronFoot) has sent over news from both their retail shop, and their skirmish site. If you're a CS:Source user then you're in luck as they are in the middle of creating a map of their site for players to use for training or just messing around with. Over at their store there's some new Viper gear in and a decent gun bag. Here's the latest:
Just showing some pictures of a Counter-Strike map we've been working on (Son James-PuG) based upon MIA Site. The building its self is only half completed, leaving us with the safe room and the other outhouse's, including the pillboxes to be built for the main CQB area. After that its going to require some custom textures to finish it off.
We are hoping to build a large portion of the site if possible, so far we have managed to keep the map accurate to about an inch; though some minor adjustments will be made. Hope to release a trial map in a few days for anyone interested who wants to take a better look. It will allow players of Counter-Strike to see what an Airsoft Site can be like, and Airsoft players a chance to see our site in a unique way.

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