Thursday, March 10, 2005

D.E.D. USA stocking detection vests and green BBs

D.E.D. USA stocking detection vests and green BBsDaniel Hazlehurst (D.E.D. USA) has sent over word from them that they are stocking a hit detection vest (Bioval's I think) and Bioval BBs. Here's the latest from the guys there:
I'm Daniel Hazlehurst one of the owners of NJ's Only fullservice airsoft shop. I'm pleased to inform you and your members about the IDS REFEREE®, this revolutionary gaming vest will eliminate the need for human referees in the sport of Airsoft and Paintball.
The T&T IDS REFEREE® will identify the kinetic energy of Airsoft & Paintball ammunition the instant the projectiles impact on one of the sensors located in the vest or helmet. When a sensor is hit, the T&T IDS REFEREE® activates an acoustic and visual alarm (a buzzer and/a LED) for a time period of 90 seconds. is also proud to be the official US importer of the ONLY 100% Bio AIRSOFT BB's. This is big news in the US since "EXCEL BB's are not biodegradable". Please check out in the "NEWS" section and look at the LAB TESTS" tell your members about the BB's" Lets not mess up the planet with our sport. Daniel Hazlehurst, (D.E.D. USA)

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