Saturday, February 25, 2006

Fake Guns In School Raise Serious Concerns

SAN DIEGO -- One of the newest trends on school campuses is also one of the most dangerous, 10News reported.

It was about noon in the boys' locker room at Kroc Middle School when an eighth-grader brought an airsoft gun to school and aimed it at a seventh-grader.

"He shot one other student, (it) hit him in the arm (and) left a little red welt," said Vice Principal Doug Coffey.

It wasn't a serious injury, but there's zero tolerance on school grounds and punishment is swift

You will be suspended five days (and) recommended for expulsion. Even if you touch it (or) bring it for fun. All we want at school is school supplies," said Coffey.

The guns are very realistic. It's not just the act of harming another student, but the one holding the gun is in danger, too, 10News reported.

"There's the kid who brings (a) gun (and) risks being shot by police. There's the kid who gets injured (and) goes home and gets (a) gun and comes back. Third, the kid who's asked to hold a gun as a favor," said Katherine Nakamura, with the San Diego School Board.

About a year ago, Scripps Ranch High School was locked down briefly when a student was reported to have a submachine gun in his backpack. It was an airsoft -- a toy that one boy was going to sell to the other for $150. They were two good students with good records, but they were led away in handcuffs, 10News reported.

That was one of 88 such incidents in the past year. Most lead to expulsion.

The fake guns are easy to acquire. The are sold at many stores and the Internet. 10News is told they have even been sold from the back of an ice cream truck in San Diego.

They are illegal for under anyone under 18 in public places and are dangerous for anyone in the wrong situation.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Madison Memorial Student Shot Multiple Times With Airsoft Pellet Gun

MADISON, Wis. -- A 14-year-old student at Madison Memorial High School was shot at least 20 times with a pellet gun by another student on Wednesday afternoon, police said.

The incident began at around 4 p.m. when Cassandra Graffee, 17, allegedly tried to start a fight with the 14-year-old victim, police said. Graffee is accused of then shooting her about 20 times in the chest, stomach, head, and neck with an Airsoft pellet gun.

After the weapon ran out of pellets, a 12-year-old boy who was with Graffee allegedly pulled out another pellet gun and shot the victim four more times.

Graffee is now charged with disorderly conduct while armed and having a dangerous weapon on school premises, WISC-TV reported.

Police said that violent pellet gun attacks are a growing problem.

"This seems to be the breakthrough year for pellet guns with juveniles," said Mike Hanson, the Madison police's public information officer. "It's really desensitizing the group of individuals using it because they think it's acceptable behavior, whether it's bringing them to school or shooting it at another person."

Memorial High School has more weapons offenses this year than the other three Madison high schools combined. In just the first half of the year, Memorial had seven weapons offenses, which matches the number of weapons violations for the past two years combined, WISC-TV reported.

Those violations include students bringing pellet guns to school.

Hanson said that authorities are concerned that these real-looking pellet guns will have an emotional effect from people being afraid that they might be shot with a real gun. In addition, an officer might easily mistake them for real guns and could accidentally use deadly force.

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Airsoft Mindawide tournament set

Coming up on March 18 and 19 is the 1st Invitational Airsoft Mindawide Competition ‘Operation Enologay’, the first-ever wargame tournament in Davao City. It will be held at the SM City Davao open grounds and is organized by AdSter (Advertizing Solution for TV, events, and radio).
The tournament is open to all airsoft players from Mindanao who will engage in combat in one game scenario: defuse the bomb.

The wargame will be a Close Quarter Battle (CQB), with participants playing in two categories: high-end for airsoft guns with 351 feet per second (FPS) and above; and low-end, with 350 FPS and below.

“We want to show the people how the game will be played. It’s one way of giving the players fun and the chance to meet other players from all over Mindanao,” said Jomel Bañez of Adster.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte had earlier instructed war-game enthusiasts to hold their games in isolated places, Bañez said they opted to conduct the game in a commercial area to show to the people how the game is played. “Lalagyan lang namin ng chicken wire ang area para hindi makalusot yung mga pellets,” he said.

Each participating team should be composed of 12 members who can use all types of airsoft guns depending on the category they’re going to play in. They are expected to wear proper gear and complete uniform.

Participants are also required to pay P350 as registration fee inclusive of two packed lunches, one T-shirt, and discount cards.

The winners will receive cash prizes and trophies. Awards will be given to best in assault, best in play, and best in costume.

For inquiries, interested groups may call 305-2496, email address adster_dvo or they may visit Adster at 162E Ground Level, Hori Bldg., Jacinto St., Davao City.

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Airsoft Gun Found in Locker at Memorial High

A scare at Memorial High School has officers searching for a student this Wednesday.

School authorities found a gun in a locker Tuesday morning after a student reported seeing it.

It's not the first time this has happened but it has once again heightened the awareness of those in charge.

The officer who confiscated the weapon says at first he thought it was a real gun because it had the imprint "Smith and Wesson" and a magazine clip attached.

But after further investigation authorities realized it was not real and is considering it what they call an "airsoft" gun.

"This gun looks so realistic and officers, students and teachers have to make a quick decision if they were ever confronted with this pointed at them, whether or not this is real or not," says Madison Police Officer Mike Hanson, "And that can be a deadly decision to make."

Police still do not know who the gun belongs to.

The incident remains under investigation.

Meanwhile, Memorial's problems continue.

Three students have been charged with possession with intent to deliver marijuana after a hand to hand exchange of drugs and money in the middle of school Tuesday.

The students are 15, 16 and 17 years old.

They were cited and released to their parents.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Airsoft Enthusiasts Have Better Up-to-date News, Events, and Reviews

El Monte, CA (AirSplat) Feb. 14,2006 -- AirSplat (, one of the nation’s largest retailer, has been keeping airsoft fanatics updated by publishing a blog for the airsoft community. The blog contains interesting and useful information including updates of new Airsoft guns, a one stop for many Airsoft enthusiasts to access information and keep up with their favorite hobby.

AirSplat customized the blog to fit the needs of all airsoft players, whether they are at a beginning, intermediate, or advance level. The blog is especially helpful to those who are recently joining the sport and are looking for new guns for first purchases or something to add to their arsenal.

“Beginners, or those who are interested in joining airsoft can come check out our blog to gain further information on the airsoft community, whether it be a review on new airsoft guns or comparing the prices on an equipment and apparel, you will definitely find the blog useful,” says Kenneth Woo, CEO of AirSplat (

In addition to gun reviews and new gun sales, bloggers can contribute by giving their opinions to any of the entries. Voice your opinion on what you think of this new rifle or the new digital camouflaged vests. The AirSplat blog also provides links to local airsoft news and other airsoft informative websites at These current events keep airsoft enthusiasts in the loop with the events taking place in the media involving the use of airsoft.

AirSplat is one of the largest airsoft retailers in the nation, offering a huge selection of rifles pistols, and accessories. They are located in a 16,000 sq. ft. warehouse in sunny Southern California. They pride themselves is lightening fast processing of orders, guaranteed to be within 24 hours and unbelievable prices.

All information and additional links to chats, airsoft sites, and blogs are available at

Airsoft Guns or Deadly Weapons?

The Emergency Management and Response-Information Sharing and Analysis Aenter (EMR-ISAA) is warning responders that some of the equipment utilized for paintball activities is being manufactured to resemble the real deal: grenades, guns and landmines.
By: Sandy Smith

According to the warning from the center, "the EMR-ISAA verified that paintball players can acquire or manufacture equipment and ordnance that resemble real military weaponry. For example, one Web site offers a Alaymore Mine Simulator that fires airsoft BB's and baby powder. This device appears very similar to the actual Alaymore mine. Additionally, enthusiastic paintball contestants often fabricate their own bombs filled with baby powder instead of explosives. These "baby powder bombs" are extremely comparable to authentic explosive devices used to injure and kill."

Aonsidering the escalating availability of look-alike mines and bombs, emergency services sector (ESS) personnel must be able to differentiate what is a potential threat and what is only for paintball exercises. This challenge is further exacerbated by the possibility that those who intend to inflict harm will attempt to make a real bomb appear as a harmless paintball contrivance.

"Therefore, for the protection of internal critical infrastructures, the EMR-ISAA recommends first responder organizations familiarize their rank and file with all paintball gadgets. Moreover, emergency personnel should always exercise caution when approaching paintball instruments until certain each is not an actual mine or bomb," warned the alert from EMR-ISAA.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Using airsoft pellet, BB guns a dangerous game

Earlier this month, Friendswood police issued the community a reminder: Paintball, pellet and BB guns cannot be legally discharged within city limits.

A rash of incidents involving replica weapons — toy guns that look very similar to the real thing — should serve as a wake-up call that may jolt some people.

A 15-year-old Florida boy was shot and killed by police after bringing a replica 9mm to school and threatening to kill himself and classmates. A Washington high school was shut down briefly after a 17-year-old brought a similar weapon to school.

Friendswood police responded to a 9-1-1 call Christmas Eve expecting to find an armed man. He was armed — with an Airsoft pellet gun.

But it looked like an M-16.

Police responding to calls that a weapon is present or that shots have been fired do not have the luxury of time to examine the weapon closely to determine whether it is a real threat.

The days when kids could run around the neighborhood “shooting” each other with toy guns are gone.

After Columbine and dozens of other incidents involving ever-younger children wounding or killing someone, it’s time for adults to realize even toy guns aren’t toys anymore.

And it’s also time for older teens and adults to set an example by restricting use of paintball guns and Airsoft pellet guns to sites designated for combat-like play.

A person discharging a replica weapon outside these areas could end up with a class C citation and a $260 fine.

Or he could end up dead.

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Webb’s robbery Cedarburg's

CEDARBURG - In the city’s second armed robbery in less than a week, a man wielding a semi-automatic handgun held up the George Webb Restaurant just before 5 a.m. Friday.
According to police, two employees were in the all-night restaurant when the suspect came in the back door of the restaurant and demanded money. The suspect grabbed money from a tip jar and then ordered one of the employees to open the cash register, said Police Chief Tom Frank. The suspect made off with about $150, Frank said. The employees - a man, 30, and a woman, 24 - were not hurt in the incident.

Frank said a customer was in the restaurant while the employees and robber were in the back, but was in a corner of the restaurant and did not know what was transpiring.
The suspect was wearing a knit cap pulled down over his eyebrows and a dark mask up over his nose. He is described as possibly a light-skinned African American, in his mid-20s, thin and about 5 feet, 7 inches tall. Witnesses say he was wearing black jeans, black shoes and a black jacket, possibly with sports decals.

"We do have some leads that we’re investigating," Frank said. "I hope we can solve this quickly."

Police are also investigating the possibility that the robbery was committed by the same person who robbed a 47-year-old Cedarburg man two days earlier. In that case, the victim was riding his bike on the Interurban Trail about 4:15 a.m. when he was stopped by a man dressed in dark clothing who demanded his money. Instead of handing over his money, the man scuffled with the robber before being hit on the head. Police later found on the ground the barrel of an Airsoft pellet gun, which police determined was used to strike the victim.

Frank said there are similarities in the two robberies, including the time of day and the proximity. In the first case, the victim was just south of Alyce Street on his way to George Webb Restaurant.

"Certainly we’re looking at the connection," Frank said.

The two robberies in quick succession early in the year follow a year in which the city saw no reported robberies. In Friday’s case, police called the Mequon and Grafton police departments for assistance, as well as the Glendale Police Department’s canine unit. Although the suspect fled on foot out the back door of the restaurant, the police dog was unable to track a scent, Frank said.

In the meantime, police are stepping up patrols in the area.

"In the last couple days, we have been down there a lot," Frank said.
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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Incident over fake gun irks parent (airsoft gun)

Officers responded to Suttons Bay High School Tuesday morning after a parent witnessed a male student holding what appeared to be a loaded weapon to the head of a fellow student in the school parking lot.

But it’s not likely the public would have known about it had the parent not reported the incident to the village police department.

“Law enforcement takes these things seriously, but our school doesn’t,” said Julie Albarado, whose daughter was on the other end of what turned out to be an “airsoft” gun. “It’s a big deal because the school never bothered to call. I didn’t know about it until (officer) Bert Mead came to my house.”

Airsoft guns shoot lightweight plastic BBs that rarely cause serious injury if the recommended face protection is worn, but can put out an eye or chip a tooth if it isn’t.

Increasingly popular among minors who use them for friend-to-friend combat games, the real danger is from law enforcement officers shooting at gun toters, not realizing that the realistic-looking weapon doesn’t shoot live ammunition.

Albarado’s daughter, who also attends the Career-Tech Center in Traverse City, contacted high school principal Sue Rummel, after officers pulled her out of class to discuss the incident. Yet her mother didn’t learn of the episode until Mead came knocking at her door.

Superintendent Tom Harwood confirmed the apparent gun-wielding had taken place.

“The student inadvertently placed the guns in the car to allow another student to borrow,” Harwood explained. “It was a dumb mistake, but there was no intention of taking them into the school.”

State law gives school districts the power to expel students for bringing a pocketknife to school with a longer than 3-inch blade. However, there’s no provision for “look-alikes,” according to Harwood.

It wasn’t the first time Albarado’s daughter has been the victim of violence at the school. In March 2003, her 8th grade daughter was assaulted by two high school-aged girls in the lavatory. Albarado was critical of the administration’s handling of the case in which her daughter’s assailant was given a 3-day suspension and spent nine days in an “alternative educational setting” before returning to classes. The mother of two is wary of what she believes is the administration’s deliberate attempt to minimize incidents and avoid negative publicity about the district.

“Why aren’t they letting parents know what’s going on?” Albarado said. “There’s at least one incident a day between the middle school and high school and no one reports it. Then when the kids ask about it, they are told, ‘Don’t worry about it.’”

A Suttons Bay janitor called law enforcement Feb. 1 after he was allegedly physically assaulted while outside at a trash receptacle. Harwood said staff members were alerted to the situation. But no information was distributed to parents. In the days since, the janitor has admitted to fabricating the story and is expected to face charges for filing a false police report.

“How can I warn (parents) about something without solid evidence that anything had taken place?” Harwood said, adding that he can’t control rumors generated by the incident. “What I did have was factual information with a strong likelihood that the incident never took place.”

The janitor, who reportedly had been receiving threatening phone calls since mid-December, has been suspended with pay pending a meeting with union representatives. Before the reported assault, he was also given a few days off with pay upon briefing administrators on the threats.

Harwood, who is preparing to dismiss the janitor, linked the feigned assault to the suspension of another member of the custodial staff in December after a non-physical incident in the boys’ locker room involving a female student. According to documents secured through the state Freedom of Information Act, the custodian was suspended without pay for two weeks, Dec. 19 through 30, based on actions with a student which gave “the appearance of impropriety and possible participation in a situation that could be considered sexually suggestive.”

On the evening of Dec. 9, at the end of a middle school dance, the janitor was reportedly approached by a female student asking to use the phone. The girl was taken inside the boys’ locker room to make a call. Another staff member later entered the locker room and observed the janitor alone with the female student.

“We do everything we can to protect our kids,” Albarado said. “They let us know when there’s head lice, but not about the serious issues.”
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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Rainier School Board upholds two expulsions

RAINIER -- The Rainier School Board Wednesday night upheld two expulsions involving the December pellet gun incident at the high school, virtually guaranteeing that Rainier will be put on the state's dangerous schools watch list.

A lawyer representing both students argued that airsoft pellet guns are not "weapons" as described by the student handbook and that in the case of at least one of the student a year-long expulsion was too harsh.

In a closed executive session, the board upheld the discipline of senior who was expelled for a quarter. The second appeal was held in open session at the request of the family of senior Marc Slape, 18, who was expelled for an entire year.

The two students were among four students expelled over the pellet gun incident. Airsoft pellet guns use plastic BBs fired by compressed springs, and manufacturers warn that misuse may cause severe injuries or death.
Combined with two other expulsions -- one for selling drugs on a bus and another for possession of a knife on campus -- the school this year has recorded six expulsions for "violent" offenses. That makes it eligible to go on the state's dangerous schools watch list. Once on that list, the district must submit the state a plan on how it will reduce violence.

Rainier attorney Steve Petersen cited two key elements in Slape's appeal. One, the definition of a weapon; two, the length of the expulsion, which he described as "excessive" and "cruel and unusual punishment."

According to the school's student handbook, a "weapon" is described in part as "any object which will or is designed to expel a projectile by action of an explosive." "There is no doubt that there is no explosive in an air soft pellet gun," Petersen told the school board.

He also challenged whether Slape's use of the pellet gun fits the student handbook's description of a "dangerous weapon." The student handbook says a dangerous weapon is a device, instrument, material or substance that is "readily capable of causing death or serious injury," depending on the circumstances in which it is used.

"The circumstances were that he shot at a light post," Petersen said. "There is no question that this does not fall under your definition of a dangerous weapon. No way was it used to attempt to cause death or serious injury."

After listening to Petersen, the school board went into an executive session. When the board returned a half-hour later, board member Kelly Barnes announced: "We do believe an air soft pellet gun fits the description of 'weapon,' and it is a dangerous weapon. Marc knew it was wrong to have it on school grounds. Therefore, we uphold the expulsion."
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Monday, February 06, 2006

Man robs local adult shop with airsoft pistol

A man used an airsoft pistol to rob an adult shop Sunday, fleeing the store with about $60, according to Eugene police and the shop’s manager.

Curtis Christianson, manager of Fantasy Land Adult Store, at 2727 Willamette Street, said a man wearing a long, black trench coat showed him the air pistol and said, “I’m not playing around,” before asking him for the money from the register at about 11:45 a.m.

The man ran out of the store with $60 from the register, Christianson said, and ditched the pistol in a nearby alley.

Christianson said he didn’t know the gun was only an airsoft pistol, which looks similar to a real gun but shoots small pellets that usually don’t break the skin, but he wasn’t going to take any risks.

Police said the suspect is a white male, about 5-foot-9 with a shaved head and a reddish-colored goatee. He was last seen wearing a green shirt with blue jeans.

Caitie McCurdy, an ad designer with the Emerald, witnessed the robbery from inside the store, but she didn’t realize what was happening at first, she said.

“I heard the cash register open and I couldn’t hear them talking, so I thought there might be something going on,” McCurdy said. “Then I saw he was near the door and just ran out. That’s when I knew he had stolen something.”

McCurdy said she was buying items for the Emerald’s upcoming sex and dating supplement cover
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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Police: Airsoft guns illegal in city limits

FRIENDSWOOD — From Internet sites to large retailers, Airsoft guns are a popular item. They look and handle like real weapons. Military-like sporting leagues around the world have formed around them.

A game that started in Asia in the 1980s has officially spawned a global subculture of faithful followers.

The guns shoot a soft pellet, and people who use the weapons are basically “playing army,” according to the Web site for the Texas Airsoft Organization.

But just in case some Friendswood residents haven’t checked city ordinances lately, the police department has issued a reminder and a warning: Discharging those guns within city limits is against the law and could potentially have mortal consequences.

A 15-year-old Florida boy was shot and killed by police last month after he brought a replica 9mm — painted to look real — to his school and threatened to kill himself and classmates. A 17-year-old Washington state student brought such a gun to school, causing officials to arrest him and shut down the school for 15 minutes.

Friendswood police received a frantic 9-1-1 call on Christmas saying a man was shooting at The Enclave at Quail Crossing, 5000 Watkins Way.

When officers arrived, they learned the man was shooting an Airsoft pellet rifle at a friend in a first floor apartment balcony.

However, the replica rifle closely resembled an M-16, a rifle used by the military.

And that’s the problem, said Friendswood police.

When brandishing or discharging these replica weapons, the public doesn’t know that they are not real — and neither do police who get the panicked calls and who rush to disarm a threatening situation.

It’s hard for officers to distinguish between the replica and the real thing, said Friendswood Police Chief Bob Wieners.

“In a split second, if you’re coming across someone with that replica weapon in a daylight situation, it’s hard to distinguish, and it’s virtually impossible to distinguish in low light,” he said. “All you’d see is the silhouette of the weapons.”

The city’s police department has responded to several calls involving soft pellets and paintball guns.

The Airsoft guns are fast sellers. They cost $20 to $430.

Ed McDowell, manager of Academy in League City, said during the Christmas holidays, he sold 50 to 60 Airsoft guns a day. He said the store now sells 30 to 40 of the pellet guns a week.

“They are very popular among young adults and teens,” he said.

Academy’s Airsoft weapons range from $18 to $50.

The guns are supposed to be color-coded to delineate between replica and real weapons.

They can, however, be converted and painted to resemble real weapons.

The league and the Texas Airsoft Organization, however, said that safety is stressed when using the replica weapons. In a section of its Web site, the organization admits that replicas’ resemblance to real firearms causes a “special set of problems” for Airsoft players, parents and police.

The organization also focuses on discretion and safety when transporting or discharging the weapons.

Neither the Houston Airsoft Community nor Texas Airsoft Organization supports using the weapons outside of approved Airsoft sites.

They stress that the guns firing soft pellets be handled like the real thing.

Area Airsoft leagues, such as the Houston Airsoft Community, sponsor Web forums and attend military-like operations across the state and throughout the country. Concerned by the number of weapons or firearms calls and the possibility of someone getting hurt, police are hoping to quell the recent spike by reminding residents of the city ordinances that forbid firearm discharges and the legal ramifications: a class C citation with a fine totaling $260.

The ordinance also applies to paintball, pellet and BB guns.

The fines, however, are still secondary to safety concerns for the general public and the Airsoft gun holders.

“There’s a good reason these replica type of weapons are prohibited in city limits and used only at locations where responsible play can be undertaken,” said Wieners. “The Friendswood Police Department is a strong advocate of individuals’ rights to pursue those interests. But those in violation of the law who discharge the weapons are putting themselves at risk. They have the potential to alarm the community, and the potential to cause serious harm to themselves.”

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

3 teens arrested in skateboard robbery in MB

Three teenage boys pulled up to two 12-year-olds in Manhattan Beach and robbed them at gunpoint of their skateboards, police said Tuesday.

The teens demanded the boys' skateboards when they approached them at 8 p.m. Monday in a black sport utility vehicle at Mathews and Peck avenues in Manhattan Beach, police said.

An occupant seated behind the driver pointed a handgun at the boys through a passenger window and demanded the skateboards.

One of the victims handed over his $45 skateboard and the SUV sped away.

A police officer heard a description of the vehicle, a black SUV with tinted windows, and realized he had run a check earlier on a similar vehicle, Manhattan Beach police Sgt. Steve Tobias said.

Manhattan Beach police went to that vehicle's address in El Segundo and contacted a 47-year-old man and his 16- and 15-year-old sons. The victims identified the vehicle in the driveway and the teens as responsible for the crime.

The stolen skateboard was found in the vehicle. An Airsoft replica semiautomatic handgun was found in the house.
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