Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Classic Army prototype news

Arnies Airsoft is reporting about the latest news on the Classic Army prototypes that will be released in 2005. The EU distributor of Classic Army showed the prototype in their stand at the IWA 2005 Show in Nurenberg. The IWA Show is one of the largest Shows in the world showing the newest products for shooting, hunting, outdoor and security. Here follows a report of Tim Bassant of Airsoft Freaks and Franz Heil of AirsoftLabs.
Quote:A few interesting products were also showing on the stand of the European Classic Army distributor. For show was the prototype of the AUG and AK and almost finished models of a G36(K) an MC51. Check out the pictures! Regards, Tim Bassant

Quote:So first the Ak74 type its a prototype. That will be out by June/July 2005 and there'll be three models, one with a folding para stock, one with a full stock and another with a wire type. The AEG uses a 7mm bearing gearbox with their new (reinforced) internals.The G36k will come out in many variants, the major advantage is the lower price than StarAirsoft's for a now very good finish and price. They are preparing a new handguard like the new one from Star for the G36 with red dot and 3.5 scope. There's not much to say about the G3 ...ha yes ....outer body is in aluminium and a nice finish.The Steyr AUG - they are preparing 3 models and the stocks should be made out of PA66 which is the same material used on the real AUG. They will make a military and civilian version AND a Aug P version.Now news on the M249. It simply uses a replica PGC gearbox and is almost entirely made out of steel and aluminium The PGC look-a-like gearbox allows you to change the spring in a matter of seconds and most important now it realy looks like the REAL thing and almost weighs like it ^_^. The internals will be a new generation that includes a new gear tappet plate ,nozzle and a few other items. It should be out in mid April.Franz Heil


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