Sunday, March 06, 2005

The odd item of interest

Laylax have added a new high pressure piston 'NEO' their their pages today. The new PSS2 piston can be assembled one of three different ways to enable normal use, dampened use, or "fast action". The translation doesn't read too well, although I'm sure that an APS2 guru will understand what it does just from the photos that they've put online.
Marushin have added details to their pages of a new 7.5 inch and 10.5 inch SAA revolver in 8mm format from them. Check out the relevant pages (as linked) for more information and pictures.
NOAH (a Japanese custom house) have added a new replica M7A3 CS grenade to their pages. Manufactured to look like the real thing the replica looks to be completely inert (I was expecting it to be a gas can or a BB holder). Priced at 1,500Yen the new item should be available now although I don't know of any places that ship internationally that stock NOAH gear at the moment.
New over at NodaYa is news that they'll be stocking some new MGC PFC gear towards the May/July. The M4A1 models appear to be reworks of previous MGC models. The M4A1 is listed as being black in colour, whilst the M4A1 carbine is a slightly reworked model that includes a shortened barrel and cut down carry handle. The M4A1 is out in mid July, whilst the cut down carbine is out in mid May. Prices are set at around 37,000 Yen.

Quick useless fact for the day, a rework of the film 'Sahara' is on the way out. It's rather strange as the original Bogart film was remade once before in 1991 already and starred James Belushi. Anyway, back on topic - the grenade and mag pouches in the film were supplied by FSU.

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