Wednesday, March 23, 2005

SafeZone World Championships

Just received word from SafeZone magazine about their upcoming World Championships:Safezone Magazine is proud to announce the Safezone Magazine World Championships and the Safezone Airsoft Expo 2005.Planning for this event continues but we are now in a position to say this is likely to be the biggest airsoft event in the Europe, IF NOT THE WORLD.Held over the 17th to the 20th of June, 2005 at Stirling Services base at Crickhowell, Wales, United Kingdom. If you ever dreamt of getting immersed in airsoft for a whole long weekend, this is what you`ve been waiting for.During the first two days, there will be a traditional Blackhawk Down game, which Stirling Services are so renowned for running with true military precision. The first day will be some light training, leading into the game scenario, with the second day continuing and concluding the event.The third and forth days will be the main event; The Safezone Magazine World Championships. We know who is the best in the U.K. Let`s see if the victorious Team AWA can fight off challenges from twelve teams from around the world.In a similar format to the U.K. Championships each team will go up against and be marshalled and rated by Stirling Services own trained team. When we say trained, we mean instructed by former SAS soldiers. Don`t forget; who dares, wins!During all four days, we will be hosting Europe’s first Airsoft exhibition showcasing the finest companies that supply the sport, varying from Airsoft retailers to Special Forces Equipment Specialist. Many exhibitors will have technicians and experienced staff to work on your models and experienced staff to offer expert advice. The exhibition is free to enter once you have pre registered.Other events include a Practical Pistol course run by the venerable Mike Cripps of The Elite Shooting Centre, Burnley. We will also be hosting a challenging AMS course. Also a section 5 firearms officer will be on site with many interesting items for visitors to have a shoot with.There will camping areas with basic accommodation for people looking to attend the weekend, and also discounted hotels rooms for people looking to live it up. Catering will be available throughout the weekend and access to the local amenities within the town.For more details and to pre register please goto SafeZone Magazine WC Info.

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