Thursday, November 19, 2009

Melbourne teen faces felonies after airsoft BB gun incident

A 13-year-old Melbourne boy will face 11 felony counts of firing into an occupied vehicle for allegedly firing into a school-bus near the 4300 block of Eleanor Drive about 4:30 p.m. Thursday, Melbourne police said.

Police said Marquise Culbreth and another juvenile, against whom charges are pending, fired into a Brevard Public Schools bus using a BB airsoft gun. There were 10 students from Johnson Middle School on the bus but no injuries were reported, police said.

Police said the two juveniles were waiting for the bus and Culbreth shot at the bus with a BB airsoft gun, breaking a window on the bus near where a student was sitting. He was arrested at the scene.

The second juvenile had an AirSoft plastic gun with him and used it to fire plastic projectiles at the bus, Melbourne police said.

Both the juveniles and their parents cooperated during the investigation, Melbourne police said.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Airsoft or Paintball

Does this happen day in and day out? Mum/Dad! “When could I fetch an Air-soft Gun?!” or “Johnny Reb has got one why can’t I?” Nothing more beneficial than an Airsoft Gun as a Gift. They yet bring in good gifts for grownups. A wide array of air soft guns by M16s to M83s. I realize you probably believed they look like genuine gunslingers, my neighbors is most likely to call the cops on me. This gun has an orangish tip so they can not be misguided for real guns.

One of the guns available to you is the AK-47. This is a very popular fully automatic rifle. Like all the other guns on our website, the purchase includes many safety features. It has a safety switch that you can put it on so you have to worry about misfires.Remember this famous line, You’ll shoot your eye out!? You wont have to worry about that happening because, with your purchase you also receive a pair of goggles. Other features include a bottle of 6 mm BBs, a target, and a device to recharge the battery.

Most guns are equipped with red dot sights or a laser. Make sure to read the details of every gun before your purchase to be sure about what you are ordering. In your box you will get an instruction manual with safety tips. There are pictures to help explain everything also.

Make certain you buy the correct air-soft gun for you. There are 3 other kinds of air-soft guns. There is electric, spring, and gas. There are rewards and disfavors to all three. An electric battery-powered airsoft gun accepts a rechargeable battery. They are less expensive than gas powered but the range and power are limited. The gas powered airsoft gun is the classic gun. Some have a outside CO2 tank much similar to a paintball gun. Others run on an inner tank using conventional gas.

Gas is much more powerful than an electric however they are limited to 300fps and the electric is about 280fps. The spring powered which are single shot. The user has to cock the guns before and after every shot.

And if you love playing with your airsoft gun and have a good shot why not join in a competition. Grab a group and friends and enter into a tournament and play against other people. These games are similar to playing paintball. When shooting your gun please be sure you are not shooting other people. A target is included with your purchase but you’ll have to buy more. Be sure to wear safety goggles when shooting and enjoy!

This is great and popular sport and it is here to stay. Thousands of people build confidence,exercise, and loss weight from this sport.

Go ahead and check out and research your gun before your purchase. But a good place to buy both paintball and airsoft is airsplat.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Drunk with firepower - Tactical officers respond to east-end home

The Barrie police tactical unit was called into action, Friday, after a man was seen drinking beer and waving a gun in the air in the backyard of an east-end home.

Officers arrived at the home, located at Codrington and Rodney streets, around 3 p.m. and located the suspect.

Police say the 25-year-old man was using an Airsoft pistol, a hobby firearm which looks like the real thing. He was cautioned and surrendered the airsoft gun to be destroyed. Luckily there was no issues with this incident.

For good saftey protocal Airsoft Safety.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Toy airsoft gun threat locks down Summit Cove Elementary Monday

SUMMIT COVE — Summit Cove Elementary went on lockdown Monday at about 2 p.m. after staff observed two older kids playing with Airsoft guns near the school.

“It was not a serious threat, but I think it was a very appropriate response by the school to treat it as an unknown threat,” said Julie McCluskie, school district spokeswoman.

Officers with Summit County Sheriff's Office confirmed the two Summit High School students had been playing airsoft in the wetlands, she said.

Sheriff's office spokeswoman Tracy LeClair said the two were not arrested and no charges were filed.

McCluskie said the lockdown for an unknown threat involved locking the doors to each classroom, turning off the lights, keeping quiet and moving the students away from the windows to a safe place.

“They weren't clear if it was a threat and if it was toward anyone in the building,” she said.

The SHS students had likely been released from school early after a water pipe broke at the high school and students were excused after 12:25 p.m.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Student, 16, pleads guilty to bringing gun to Creston High School

GRAND RAPIDS -- Showing up at Creston High School with a sawed-off shotgun in his pants will keep 16-year-old Devante Glasper as a ward of the court.

Glasper pleaded guilty to illegal possession of the short-barreled airsoft weapon as a juvenile this morning in Kent County Family Court.

Glasper had the airsoft gun in his pants and shells in his pocket when he was arrested Sept. 15 at Creston High School, according to Grand Rapids Police. He remains in the juvenile detention center on $40,000 bond until his next hearing scheduled for Nov. 24.

Glasper brought the airsoft gun to school a day after fellow student, 16-year-old Damon Carson, allegedly fired shots from his airsoft gun in the school's parting lot.

Juvenile court officials said Glasper was in court earlier this year on a city ordinance charge of meddling and tampering, as well as receiving and concealing stolen property. Court records also show a curfew violation on Aug. 18 after police were called to a Northfield Avenue NE address on a disturbance call and found two people and an Airsoft gun.

Glasper's mother, who sat next to the boy during the hearing, said her son brought the airsoft gun for protection after being robbed, although no report of a robbery has been filed.

Glasper could remain a ward of the court until he is 19-years-old subject to being placed in detention or with a foster family if his mother is judged unable to properly supervise him.

Brief Introduction To Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are extremely popular for both collecting and playing Airsoft. The guns are exact replicas of real fire arms down to the brand on the weapon. There are Airsoft groups around the world and several tournaments and matches held in different locations.

There is an Airsoft gun replica made for almost every gun that is made. When a person is deciding on an Airsoft gun they will need to decide first what their will be doing with the gun. Some individuals collect Airsoft guns. Some individuals want to play Airsoft and wish to get the best gun for their type of play they will be doing.

When an airsoft gun is selected for a specific type of play, an individual will find that it is much easier to participate in the game. Skirmishes are the most common of the Airsoft games played. The game is played by people who come together at an Airsoft field. The players may know each other or be strangers who are meeting for the first time.

For more close in play many individuals find that a springer, which is available in many models, is a fine gun. This is the least expensive of the Airsoft guns and is very simple. It does not have electric or gas parts and is reliable in any type of weather. The gun does not have the long range capability of the higher powered electrical and gas guns. And, it only shoots one bb at a time which, when compared to the electric gun which shoots up to 3000 per minute can be a challenge.

AEGs are a battery operated gun. Some of these guns run on batteries as small as four AA batteries. They have several add-ons that make them a more realistic. Electric blow back allows the gun to recoil just as the real weapon would. In addition some of the guns are equipped to make the same noise as a bb exiting a chamber and send up a puff of smoke when the bb is dispersed.

Hybrid airsoft guns were introduced in 2005. These guns are standard AEGs with added options. The mags of these guns are loaded with shell casings that, when ejected, create a pop noise and smoke. One also gets a recoil from the guns. The weapon operates on a full blow-back system so that every shell that is ejected produced the noise and smoke for each pellet that is fired.

The only hybrid airsoft guns currently on the market are very inexpensive and are not scaled to replicate the guns they are representing. They are available in the M44, AK-series, and others. It has also been noted that these guns have a tendency to jam.

There are many classes available as well as training exercises to introduce a person to Airsoft. Many of the Airsoft field rent Airsoft guns to people who are just learning the game. Gun safety is extremely important with these guns because they look and feel like real guns. There have been cases when the guns were mistaken for real guns with disturbing results.

The cost of the guns varies tremendously based on the type of gun that one wants, the options that are added, the type of use the gun will get, and the time that will be spent on the field of play. Many individuals starting choose to rent an AEG at the Airsoft field until they become comfortable with using an Airsoft gun and have found the gun that they prefer.

Author: Anthony Carter enjoys everything about airsoft guns. If you are interested in good airsoft gun then JD Airsoft Guns is where you should look.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Cops to crack down on AirSoft guns

In a field outside Sebastopol, a small army of soldiers armed with high-powered weapons and wearing full camouflage uniforms sweeps across a hill toward a stand of trees, firing their weapons on full auto as they run.

Enemy troops hidden in the tree line fire back, the stutter of their weapons punctuating the air. Everything about this scene looks real, especially the weapons, which include sophisticated machine guns, sniper rifles, machine pistols and semi-automatic pistols. The only thing missing is real blood as "soldiers" occasionally fall to the ground.

The warfare is, of course, simulated, or "MilSim" in the jargon of AirSoft, the latest incarnation of weapon games since the invention of paint ball. And the popularity of the sport has become a growing concern for the Sonoma Police Department, which is moving to limit use of the guns in populated areas.

What sets AirSoft games apart from any previous version of what kids of generations past called cowboys and Indians, is the realism of the weapons.

Many, if not most, AirSoft guns are patterned after real weapons. You can buy an AK 47, an M16, an M9 Beretta, a Colt .45, a Sig Sauer 9 mm, a Luger PO8 or, if you want to spend some serious money, a six-barrel, Gatling-style "mini" machine gun that fires, according to the sales brochure, "several thousand rounds a minute."
Even up close, the only distinguishing difference between many AirSoft guns and the real thing, is the plastic pellets they shoot and the orange barrel tips required under California law.

Of course, many serious MilSim combatants immediately paint over the orange markings, making the guns look even more authentic and thereby giving police officers a continuing headache.

And in at least one incident, in Florida, a student was shot dead by police after brandishing an AirSoft gun with the orange barrel tip-painted over.

AirSoft guns can fire up to 550 feet-a-second, making them dangerous for careless use by people without eye and face protection. (By comparison, a popular .38 caliber pistol has a muzzle velocity of something over 700 feet-a-second.

The realism of AirSoft guns has made them popular with some police departments for training exercises because of the reduced risk and the cheaper ammunition.

AirSoft guns can be bought for as little as $10.99 for a spring-powered, replica Colt .45 automatic pistol, to $3,500 for that six-barrel Gatling gun, powered by a 12-volt motorcycle battery. Many popular guns are powered by either compressed gas or electric batteries.

Sonoma County has a well organized AirSoft community and a Web site - - through which games are organized in a variety of private fields throughout the county, including sites in Healdsburg, Windsor, Sebastopol and Petaluma. Participation is limited to people over the age of 13, and the games are popular with many adults. The Index-Tribune wasn't able to determine if there are AirSoft fields available in the Sonoma Valley, although impromptu games clearly occur here.

And that is one of the causes for concern to Sonoma Police, who recently announced that they will be strictly enforcing California law which prohibits the discharge of any firearm, including an AirSoft gun, around homes and occupied buildings.

Sonoma Police Sgt. Darin Dougherty said police have received some complaints from the community and will step enforcement of the law, which also prohibits pointing the guns at people, animals or motor vehicles. Possession of the guns is also limited to people over the age of 18 unless supervised by an adult or written permission is obtained.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Airsoft 'BB Gun Bandits' Arrested after $100,000 Worth of Vandalism

CLEARFIELD, Utah - Clearfield Police arrested five teens who are the prime suspects in a massive vandalism spree. Cops are calling them the Airsoft BB Gun Bandits. Starting September 1, police say the young men shot out as many as 200 car windows in a crime spree that ranged from North Ogden to Kaysville.

The suspects have admitted to damaging vehicles by breaking out windows with an assortment of implements, ranging from Airsoft BB guns to pumpkins and eggs. Damage is estimated at more than $100,000. Four of the suspects are over 18 and were booked into the Davis County Jail. All are now facing felony charges.

"So far we're estimating damages of $100,000 to $200,000 so far in total, and that just on the windows," says Clearfield Police Cpl. Kyle Jeffries. "They're gonna be facing not just criminal charges, but civil liability, which can come back and haunt them for a long time."

Police caught a break Wednesday after a resident witnessed someone throwing a brick at a vehicle in Clinton City. The suspect's vehicle description was sent out and was found later in Syracuse.

Four of the teens were adults, while one 17-year-old juvenile was arrested and released to his parents.