Saturday, March 26, 2005

April Ballisctic Issue

Pat over at Airsoft Hawaii has dropped me a quick email to let everyone know that the April issue of Ballistic is online now over at their website. The new issue covers all the usual news announcements and specials, details on 'gear up for AshBash', a review of the TM G18 AEP, an article on how silencers work, X-Fire's new SPRII springs, and news from Hawaii. Checkout the latest issue for all the latest info.

Friday, March 25, 2005

ASR DIY for BB Trap

Recent conversations in our forums prompted me to finally finish an article on creating a BB trap that I've been meaning to wrap up for some time now. While I personally don't reuse bbs at all, I know some do and this design not only collects your shots reliably but does so with the least stress on the rounds. It also makes recovery of the rounds very easy. Make your own call.

So with a little effort, an old pillowcase and a 5 gallon bucket you can mke your own trap that won't leave little fragments of cardboard all over the place.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

3 New KSC STI Pistols

KSC have decided that there's not enough STi pistols out there are the moment, and are launching three new varients of their own including a 4.3in Sea Hawk, 5.5in Eagle (with a purple grip?) and a competition style Hybrid Eagle complete with compensator.
Actaully in fairness it looks like it's a 10 year anniversary of some type, although I can't make out more than that from the logo. The Sea Hawk 4.3 will retail at 20,475 Yen, the Eagle 5.5 Longslide at 21,000 Yen, and the Eagle 5.5 Hybrid SL at 24,150 Yen. There's no details on performance and any other specs yet, but I don't expect them to be any different from what you'd expect really.

If you want to watch it, there's a flash movie over at KSC that covers the promotion of the new range.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Two New Review

Two new reviews onlineJust to keep the article updates flowing nicely I've also added two reviews submitted by Shao14 to the reviews section. New in we have a review of the full metal KJW M9 GBB , and also a review of the Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle (Hard Kick) GBB pistol. Check out the reviews for the full details and photos.
ArniesAirsoft Updates : 7:41 pm 23 Mar 2005 by Arnie
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Map and updates from IronfootGraham, (IronFoot) has sent over news from both their retail shop, and their skirmish site. If you're a CS:Source user then you're in luck as they are in the middle of creating a map of their site for players to use for training or just messing around with. Over at their store there's some new Viper gear in and a decent gun bag. Here's the latest:
Just showing some pictures of a Counter-Strike map we've been working on (Son James-PuG) based upon MIA Site. The building its self is only half completed, leaving us with the safe room and the other outhouse's, including the pillboxes to be built for the main CQB area. After that its going to require some custom textures to finish it off.
We are hoping to build a large portion of the site if possible, so far we have managed to keep the map accurate to about an inch; though some minor adjustments will be made. Hope to release a trial map in a few days for anyone interested who wants to take a better look. It will allow players of Counter-Strike to see what an Airsoft Site can be like, and Airsoft players a chance to see our site in a unique way.

Airsoft Retreat

There's been some new additions over at the Airsoft Retreat site today, which include new reviews and material. They do apologise for the lack of updates recently, but I think they are pretyt much forgiven by everyone seeing as they rebuilt their server after the last one developed serious smoke related problems. New to their site is a review by Cheesehead of the Bioval BBs and a review of the G&G Goggle Fan. The fan is something that I hadn't seen before but it looks like a pretty useful for anyone that has problems with goggles and visors that steam up.
On the more somber side of things is a warning about online scams and a specific one that involves cashier cheques. Snicker has highlighted an article on that makes for a good read.

Airsoft Links

»Airsoft Retail »Airsoft Information »Airsoft Guide »Hung's Airsoft Site »More Airsoft Information »Hung's Airsoft Site »Soft Air

Guarder & StarAirsoft SOPMOD M14

The SOPMOD M14 was mentioned at the StarAirsoft website and will be launched soon, but what has not been mentioned is that the project looks to be a partnership between Guarder and StarAirsoft! The guys at Guarder/IntruderShop have just published a high resolution copy of their latest photo of the project: Airsoft

Maruzen MP5K CQB2

Seen on the Airsoft Dynamics News page; Maruzen's latest offering will be the MP5K CQB2 with everything you which included!
Quote:Due to be released in April is a yet another variation of MZ MP5K GBB. I guess this sort of thing isn't a bad idea as long as the manufacturers keep it interesting... MP5K CQB2 features rail system that resembles an SIR, 2x side rails, 1x bottom rail, and a top rail that runs all that way across the top of the receiver. It also comes with a Walther Open Red Dot Sight and an oversized flash hider. I remember seeing somethign like this in an episode of Ghost in the Shell the TV series.....

Classic Army prototype news

Arnies Airsoft is reporting about the latest news on the Classic Army prototypes that will be released in 2005. The EU distributor of Classic Army showed the prototype in their stand at the IWA 2005 Show in Nurenberg. The IWA Show is one of the largest Shows in the world showing the newest products for shooting, hunting, outdoor and security. Here follows a report of Tim Bassant of Airsoft Freaks and Franz Heil of AirsoftLabs.
Quote:A few interesting products were also showing on the stand of the European Classic Army distributor. For show was the prototype of the AUG and AK and almost finished models of a G36(K) an MC51. Check out the pictures! Regards, Tim Bassant

Quote:So first the Ak74 type its a prototype. That will be out by June/July 2005 and there'll be three models, one with a folding para stock, one with a full stock and another with a wire type. The AEG uses a 7mm bearing gearbox with their new (reinforced) internals.The G36k will come out in many variants, the major advantage is the lower price than StarAirsoft's for a now very good finish and price. They are preparing a new handguard like the new one from Star for the G36 with red dot and 3.5 scope. There's not much to say about the G3 ...ha yes ....outer body is in aluminium and a nice finish.The Steyr AUG - they are preparing 3 models and the stocks should be made out of PA66 which is the same material used on the real AUG. They will make a military and civilian version AND a Aug P version.Now news on the M249. It simply uses a replica PGC gearbox and is almost entirely made out of steel and aluminium The PGC look-a-like gearbox allows you to change the spring in a matter of seconds and most important now it realy looks like the REAL thing and almost weighs like it ^_^. The internals will be a new generation that includes a new gear tappet plate ,nozzle and a few other items. It should be out in mid April.Franz Heil

New STAR UMP Conversion Kit pics

Star Airsoft of Japan has released some new photos of their H&K UMP conversion kit for the TM G36C. This conversion kit looks very good in the pictures, even come with a 110 round UMP replica magazine with .45 calibre dummy rounds. This is a very authentic conversion kit with H&K markings on the reciever aswell as the chamber. Source:

Online Scams - Public Service Announcement

An AS-R member wanted to pass on word that a popular scam involving cashiers checks is becoming increasingly popular in online airsoft classified sales. This is nothing new and you should always be extremely cautious making deals online but it is worth bringing up again. Be careful and safe out in the playing fields and online! has an article being a little more specific about one of the many types of online scams involving sales of items online.

Do you Yahoo!?Check out the new Yahoo! Front Page.

2005 Ash Bash

Looking for a hot game? How about one on an old volcano?
Airsoft Hawaii ASH BASH
July 16, 2005
Last year they had over 300 players and the game was featured in ARMS Magazine.
For more information on this years event check out their website!
The organizers also have a new online magazine.
Now, I'm not sure you'll actually get to see anything that actually resembles a volcano DURING the game, but it is in Hawaii so you can always go see one afterwards.

SafeZone World Championships

Just received word from SafeZone magazine about their upcoming World Championships:Safezone Magazine is proud to announce the Safezone Magazine World Championships and the Safezone Airsoft Expo 2005.Planning for this event continues but we are now in a position to say this is likely to be the biggest airsoft event in the Europe, IF NOT THE WORLD.Held over the 17th to the 20th of June, 2005 at Stirling Services base at Crickhowell, Wales, United Kingdom. If you ever dreamt of getting immersed in airsoft for a whole long weekend, this is what you`ve been waiting for.During the first two days, there will be a traditional Blackhawk Down game, which Stirling Services are so renowned for running with true military precision. The first day will be some light training, leading into the game scenario, with the second day continuing and concluding the event.The third and forth days will be the main event; The Safezone Magazine World Championships. We know who is the best in the U.K. Let`s see if the victorious Team AWA can fight off challenges from twelve teams from around the world.In a similar format to the U.K. Championships each team will go up against and be marshalled and rated by Stirling Services own trained team. When we say trained, we mean instructed by former SAS soldiers. Don`t forget; who dares, wins!During all four days, we will be hosting Europe’s first Airsoft exhibition showcasing the finest companies that supply the sport, varying from Airsoft retailers to Special Forces Equipment Specialist. Many exhibitors will have technicians and experienced staff to work on your models and experienced staff to offer expert advice. The exhibition is free to enter once you have pre registered.Other events include a Practical Pistol course run by the venerable Mike Cripps of The Elite Shooting Centre, Burnley. We will also be hosting a challenging AMS course. Also a section 5 firearms officer will be on site with many interesting items for visitors to have a shoot with.There will camping areas with basic accommodation for people looking to attend the weekend, and also discounted hotels rooms for people looking to live it up. Catering will be available throughout the weekend and access to the local amenities within the town.For more details and to pre register please goto SafeZone Magazine WC Info.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Maruzen MP5K CQB II

LA Gunshop have posted news of the Maruzen MP5K CQB II. The new MP5K package comes in with a target price of 21,840Yen and includes several accessories and additions in the box as you'd expect with a Maruzen set these days. Included in the box are:
1 MP5kA4 (without a foregrip)
railed CQM mount system for the MP5
20rnd magazine for the MP5
CQB flashhider for the MP5
Walther point sight R
black hard carry case
An exact release date isn't know at the moment, although it should be out towards the end of April this year. LA Gunshop are having a special price reduction ont eh model at the moment, so if you're in Japan you can pre-order it for the reduced price of 15,288 Yen.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

D.E.D. USA stocking detection vests and green BBs

D.E.D. USA stocking detection vests and green BBsDaniel Hazlehurst (D.E.D. USA) has sent over word from them that they are stocking a hit detection vest (Bioval's I think) and Bioval BBs. Here's the latest from the guys there:
I'm Daniel Hazlehurst one of the owners of NJ's Only fullservice airsoft shop. I'm pleased to inform you and your members about the IDS REFEREE®, this revolutionary gaming vest will eliminate the need for human referees in the sport of Airsoft and Paintball.
The T&T IDS REFEREE® will identify the kinetic energy of Airsoft & Paintball ammunition the instant the projectiles impact on one of the sensors located in the vest or helmet. When a sensor is hit, the T&T IDS REFEREE® activates an acoustic and visual alarm (a buzzer and/a LED) for a time period of 90 seconds. is also proud to be the official US importer of the ONLY 100% Bio AIRSOFT BB's. This is big news in the US since "EXCEL BB's are not biodegradable". Please check out in the "NEWS" section and look at the LAB TESTS" tell your members about the BB's" Lets not mess up the planet with our sport. Daniel Hazlehurst, (D.E.D. USA)

Sunday, March 06, 2005

The odd item of interest

Laylax have added a new high pressure piston 'NEO' their their pages today. The new PSS2 piston can be assembled one of three different ways to enable normal use, dampened use, or "fast action". The translation doesn't read too well, although I'm sure that an APS2 guru will understand what it does just from the photos that they've put online.
Marushin have added details to their pages of a new 7.5 inch and 10.5 inch SAA revolver in 8mm format from them. Check out the relevant pages (as linked) for more information and pictures.
NOAH (a Japanese custom house) have added a new replica M7A3 CS grenade to their pages. Manufactured to look like the real thing the replica looks to be completely inert (I was expecting it to be a gas can or a BB holder). Priced at 1,500Yen the new item should be available now although I don't know of any places that ship internationally that stock NOAH gear at the moment.
New over at NodaYa is news that they'll be stocking some new MGC PFC gear towards the May/July. The M4A1 models appear to be reworks of previous MGC models. The M4A1 is listed as being black in colour, whilst the M4A1 carbine is a slightly reworked model that includes a shortened barrel and cut down carry handle. The M4A1 is out in mid July, whilst the cut down carbine is out in mid May. Prices are set at around 37,000 Yen.

Quick useless fact for the day, a rework of the film 'Sahara' is on the way out. It's rather strange as the original Bogart film was remade once before in 1991 already and starred James Belushi. Anyway, back on topic - the grenade and mag pouches in the film were supplied by FSU.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

AirSplat Sales

Free shipping - Orders over $150 receive FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPIN ! Handling fee still applicable.Airsoft Elite MP5 SD Series BACK IN STOCK! Only Retailer in US!New Items!- Tactical Airsoft Pistol Belt Holster ONLY $9.95- Sanyo 12V 1700 mAH Ni-Cad Small Battery ONLY 46.95- Kan 8.4V 1050 mAH Ni-MH Small Battery ONLY $19.95- Kan 9.6V 1050 mAH Ni-MH Small Battery ONLY $24.95- Sanyo 9.6V 1700 mAH NiCad Large Battery ONLY $39.95- Tapco H&K MP5 & G3 Claw Scope Mount ONLY $59.95- Tapco H&K Claw Scope Mount Weaver Rail ONLY $4.95- Special Operation Tactical Bag w/ Wheels ONLY $39.95- 4X32 Mil-Dot Range Est Airgun Mini Scope ONLY $24.95- Classic Army BB Shower Grenade 165 Round ONLY $54.95- Classic Army M203 Grenade Launcher M 203 ONLY $129.95- 4.5 V Tactical LED Flash Light ONLY $9.95 - ICS M4 Upgraded Upper Gearbox w/ M120 ONLY $59.95- ICS Upgraded MP5 Ver 2 Gear Box Electric ONLY $74.95- CYMA Mac 11 Laser Light Spring Airsoft ONLY $12.95- Well P-90 Laser Red Dot Airsoft Electric ONLY $34.95- JLS Boys M4A1 Laser Electric Machine Gun ONLY $34.95- Well M16 RIS Electric Machine Gun AEG ONLY $39.95- G36 RIS Red Dot Airsoft Electric AEG ONLY $49.95- M16 RIS Red Dot Electric Machine Gun AEG ONLY $49.95- M16 RIS Red Dot Airsoft AEG Retractable ONLY $49.95- Well MP5 SD6 Electric Machine Gun AEG ONLY $39.95- Soft Air / KWC Desert Eagle CO2 Blowback ONLY $149.95Don't Miss Our Sales This Month!- HFC 0.12g 2000 Round Belt Feeder ONLY $6.95- HFC 0.12g 800 Round Grenade BB's ONLY $4.95- AirSplat Precision 0.12g 1 Kg 8,000 BB / 0.2g 1 Kg 5,000 BB ONLY 12.95- Green Gas 1100 (HFC 22) Single Can ONLY $7.95 - Tsunami Precision 0.2g 3,750 BB's ONLY $12.95- 25 KiloGram KG Bag of 0.12 g BB's ONLY $249.95- 25 KiloGram KG Bag of 0.2 g BB's ONLY $259.95- 0.12 g 4500 Glow in the Dark BB's ONLY $14.95