Friday, May 28, 2010

Pellet Gun Surprise

May 25- 5:26 p.m.- Police were dispatched to the area of Rosemary St. for a report of kids firing a Airsoft BB gun out of a window. Officers were met at the home by a juvenile, the latter of whom nwas asked to get an adult to speak with. Two parties came to the door and officers asked if they were aware of the shooting taking place. The parties stated that an Airsoft pellet gun was being shot from upstairs and out the window, but that the shooter was aiming at the fence and "didn't mean to hit the neighbors house."
The parties said that they were looking after the house while the owners were away at work. Officers confiscated the airsoft gun and called the boy's mother. The also spoke with the reporting neighbor, who stated that she heard the airsoft BB pellets hitting her house. She stated that there was no damage to the property and would not be pressing charges.
When the boy's mother arrived at the scene, police told her of the incident. She related that she had already taken a gun away before and "will address this matter accordingly." Shortly after, the boy's father arrived and was notified of the incident. He took the airsoft gun in question, as well as two others, and said that he would dispose of them.

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