Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crosman Corporation Wins 2010 International Business Of The Year Award

Crosman Corporation Wins 2010 International Business Of The Year Award



ROCHESTER, New York - Crosman Corporation, long known for innovation and quality in the shooting sports, airsoft and airgun industry, was named the 2010 International Business of the Year at the First Annual Upstate New York Trade Conference last night.

The International Business Council of Greater Rochester, New York (IBC), an affiliate of Greater Rochester Enterprise (GRE) hosted the conference to provide Upstate New York businesses with the resources to succeed in international trade.

Crosman Corporation Wins 2010 International Business Of The Year Award

Crosman Corporation Wins 2010 International Business Of The Year Award

The award celebrates the achievements and successes of Upstate New York companies trading internationally, whose international business success impacts the prosperity of the region, according to Laurie DeRoller, IBC’s Executive Director.

“Crosman’s ability to embrace the challenges of global competition, display resiliency in our economic climate and achieve sustained growth is remarkable. This award recognizes Crosman as a worldwide ambassador for our region’s industry, innovation and expertise,” said DeRoller.

Ken D’Arcy, Crosman’s President and CEO says Crosman thrives on challenges presented in the diversity of the worldwide marketplace.

“We recognize the need for a tailored, strategic approach in each international market and adapt our products to meet local needs. Each market we approach has potential language barriers, differing distribution networks and distinctive regulations for product compliance. Our sales team works closely with each country’s distributors to execute country-by-country plans, allowing for customization of products, pricing and packaging,” said D’Arcy.

“By entering into new territories and adapting to the needs of the changing marketplace, we’ve seen increasing demand for our products all over the world.”

Marc Miller, Crosman’s international sales manager agreed. “Crosman recently entered into negotiations to open a European distribution facility,” he said. “Streamlining the customer’s order flow process to ensure faster delivery times will meet or exceed Crosman’s global supply chain standards. By reducing transport costs, improving delivery times and providing efficiencies in inventory management, merchandising solutions will be provided to European customers,” he continued.

“Crosman will now have the ability to offer a larger assortment of goods to markets with differing product and marketing requirements. We anticipate even more growth as a result of these improvements,” he said.

D’Arcy said that it is gratifying to have recognition from an organization whose relationships include some of the most successful international exporters in the US. “This is a solid endorsement of the strategic direction we’ve embraced.”

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  1. If Crossman had a better reputation from the more enthusiastic airsoft crowd, they surely would be even more popular. They have the ability to supply a consistent product worldwide and to help build the sport.

    If only they would make better BB's.