Monday, May 10, 2010

How to Make an Airsoft BB Holder out of a Broken Airsoft Mag.

This Simple Instrional will show you how to make an awesome BB Holder out of an old, unused Airsoft Magazine. This is also my first instional, so please forgive me if something is messed up in it. Note: My Digital Camera is broken, so I had to use my Cell Phone to take the pictures.

step 1Supplies
For this Instructable, you will need: 1. A Screw driver 2. A Broken Airsoft Magazine (Any Size Will Work) 3. A Place To Work 4. Airsoft BB's

step 2Taking The Mag. Apart
Take the magizine and turn it to the side where the screws are facing up. Now use the screwdriver to take out every screw from the Mag. Gently lift off the top half ot the magazine and set it aside. Note: It's Easier to leave the screws in the magazine than take them out, that way you'll know which one goes where and won't stress out trying to find where each one belong…

step 3The Modifications
Next, take out the spring,(The longest one, Near the front of the Mag.). This will take away the loading ability for the magazine. Note: Try not to let any pieces fall off, because when they do, you'll have a very hard time trying to find where they belong.

step 4Put It Back Together
Now Gently place the top half back onto the bottom half, making sure you don't disturb any parts other than what we're working with. Once fully back on top, screw the screws back in place.

step 5Usage
To Use your new (Kinda) BB Holder, look for a button/Slider on the side that you can push/slide to open the top of the magazine. Some Magazines also have a slide near the back that you can pull back to store BB's in. Just Pour them in, and you're done.

step 6Celebrate!
Look at you!!! You just recycled! How easy was that! Don't be lazy and throw out perfectly good/reuseable items. If you do, you'll end up like him, (Look at the Picture Below).

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