Sunday, November 08, 2009

Student, 16, pleads guilty to bringing gun to Creston High School

GRAND RAPIDS -- Showing up at Creston High School with a sawed-off shotgun in his pants will keep 16-year-old Devante Glasper as a ward of the court.

Glasper pleaded guilty to illegal possession of the short-barreled airsoft weapon as a juvenile this morning in Kent County Family Court.

Glasper had the airsoft gun in his pants and shells in his pocket when he was arrested Sept. 15 at Creston High School, according to Grand Rapids Police. He remains in the juvenile detention center on $40,000 bond until his next hearing scheduled for Nov. 24.

Glasper brought the airsoft gun to school a day after fellow student, 16-year-old Damon Carson, allegedly fired shots from his airsoft gun in the school's parting lot.

Juvenile court officials said Glasper was in court earlier this year on a city ordinance charge of meddling and tampering, as well as receiving and concealing stolen property. Court records also show a curfew violation on Aug. 18 after police were called to a Northfield Avenue NE address on a disturbance call and found two people and an Airsoft gun.

Glasper's mother, who sat next to the boy during the hearing, said her son brought the airsoft gun for protection after being robbed, although no report of a robbery has been filed.

Glasper could remain a ward of the court until he is 19-years-old subject to being placed in detention or with a foster family if his mother is judged unable to properly supervise him.

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