Sunday, November 08, 2009

Brief Introduction To Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are extremely popular for both collecting and playing Airsoft. The guns are exact replicas of real fire arms down to the brand on the weapon. There are Airsoft groups around the world and several tournaments and matches held in different locations.

There is an Airsoft gun replica made for almost every gun that is made. When a person is deciding on an Airsoft gun they will need to decide first what their will be doing with the gun. Some individuals collect Airsoft guns. Some individuals want to play Airsoft and wish to get the best gun for their type of play they will be doing.

When an airsoft gun is selected for a specific type of play, an individual will find that it is much easier to participate in the game. Skirmishes are the most common of the Airsoft games played. The game is played by people who come together at an Airsoft field. The players may know each other or be strangers who are meeting for the first time.

For more close in play many individuals find that a springer, which is available in many models, is a fine gun. This is the least expensive of the Airsoft guns and is very simple. It does not have electric or gas parts and is reliable in any type of weather. The gun does not have the long range capability of the higher powered electrical and gas guns. And, it only shoots one bb at a time which, when compared to the electric gun which shoots up to 3000 per minute can be a challenge.

AEGs are a battery operated gun. Some of these guns run on batteries as small as four AA batteries. They have several add-ons that make them a more realistic. Electric blow back allows the gun to recoil just as the real weapon would. In addition some of the guns are equipped to make the same noise as a bb exiting a chamber and send up a puff of smoke when the bb is dispersed.

Hybrid airsoft guns were introduced in 2005. These guns are standard AEGs with added options. The mags of these guns are loaded with shell casings that, when ejected, create a pop noise and smoke. One also gets a recoil from the guns. The weapon operates on a full blow-back system so that every shell that is ejected produced the noise and smoke for each pellet that is fired.

The only hybrid airsoft guns currently on the market are very inexpensive and are not scaled to replicate the guns they are representing. They are available in the M44, AK-series, and others. It has also been noted that these guns have a tendency to jam.

There are many classes available as well as training exercises to introduce a person to Airsoft. Many of the Airsoft field rent Airsoft guns to people who are just learning the game. Gun safety is extremely important with these guns because they look and feel like real guns. There have been cases when the guns were mistaken for real guns with disturbing results.

The cost of the guns varies tremendously based on the type of gun that one wants, the options that are added, the type of use the gun will get, and the time that will be spent on the field of play. Many individuals starting choose to rent an AEG at the Airsoft field until they become comfortable with using an Airsoft gun and have found the gun that they prefer.

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