Sunday, November 15, 2009

Airsoft or Paintball

Does this happen day in and day out? Mum/Dad! “When could I fetch an Air-soft Gun?!” or “Johnny Reb has got one why can’t I?” Nothing more beneficial than an Airsoft Gun as a Gift. They yet bring in good gifts for grownups. A wide array of air soft guns by M16s to M83s. I realize you probably believed they look like genuine gunslingers, my neighbors is most likely to call the cops on me. This gun has an orangish tip so they can not be misguided for real guns.

One of the guns available to you is the AK-47. This is a very popular fully automatic rifle. Like all the other guns on our website, the purchase includes many safety features. It has a safety switch that you can put it on so you have to worry about misfires.Remember this famous line, You’ll shoot your eye out!? You wont have to worry about that happening because, with your purchase you also receive a pair of goggles. Other features include a bottle of 6 mm BBs, a target, and a device to recharge the battery.

Most guns are equipped with red dot sights or a laser. Make sure to read the details of every gun before your purchase to be sure about what you are ordering. In your box you will get an instruction manual with safety tips. There are pictures to help explain everything also.

Make certain you buy the correct air-soft gun for you. There are 3 other kinds of air-soft guns. There is electric, spring, and gas. There are rewards and disfavors to all three. An electric battery-powered airsoft gun accepts a rechargeable battery. They are less expensive than gas powered but the range and power are limited. The gas powered airsoft gun is the classic gun. Some have a outside CO2 tank much similar to a paintball gun. Others run on an inner tank using conventional gas.

Gas is much more powerful than an electric however they are limited to 300fps and the electric is about 280fps. The spring powered which are single shot. The user has to cock the guns before and after every shot.

And if you love playing with your airsoft gun and have a good shot why not join in a competition. Grab a group and friends and enter into a tournament and play against other people. These games are similar to playing paintball. When shooting your gun please be sure you are not shooting other people. A target is included with your purchase but you’ll have to buy more. Be sure to wear safety goggles when shooting and enjoy!

This is great and popular sport and it is here to stay. Thousands of people build confidence,exercise, and loss weight from this sport.

Go ahead and check out and research your gun before your purchase. But a good place to buy both paintball and airsoft is airsplat.

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