Thursday, October 04, 2007

Expelled high school student for airsoft guns permitted to return for final year in Bethel Park

The family of Tyler Stay has reached an agreement with the Bethel Park School District that will allow him to finish his senior year at the high school.

Tyler had been suspended, then expelled, as the result of an incident last April. After some magnesium tape went missing from a school lab, he was singled out and a search of his car on school property yielded two unassembled Airsoft pistols that shoot plastic pellets in sporting games, plus a saw used for cutting drywall.

Another student reportedly confessed to the tape theft later.

Bethel Park has a zero-tolerance policy concerning students possessing items deemed harmful.

The Stay family was granted a motion by the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas that allowed their son to attend school when classes began Sept. 4.

"Tyler is, and has been, a student at Bethel Park, enjoying all the entitlements all students have, since the first day of school," said Bill Clifford, attorney for the Stay family.

Michael Brungo, school solicitor, did not return phone calls.

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