Monday, October 29, 2007

Airsoft Club Lobbies USG For Practice Area

The Airsoft Club's proposal to acquire a playing field and funding for the student organization 'A Completely Different Note' were debated at last night's USG meeting.

Airsoft guns are similar to BB guns except instead of the metal BBs, theyuse small, plastic pellets.

Kevin Evringham, a 5th-semester international relations major who is the Airsoft Club's spokesperson as well as a commuter senator, told the Senate the club does not currently have a place to play on campus. He stressed that if land were obtained, student involvement in the club would increase. Presently, the club travels off campus to a field, which is expensive.

Evringham is looking to obtain a 2-acre piece of land behind Horsebarn Hill. The Airsoft Club will post signs to warn people of the activity that would take place in the woods, as well as use caution tape to post boundaries of where the club would practice on Sundays.

"Safety is a big concern of ours," Evringham said.

UConn Police would be informed every time the Airsoft Club practices, for safety reasons. In addition, members of the club would be required to wear safety goggles, which the group hopes USG will fund.

Another funding topic debated funding for a cappella group, A Different Note. This would allow the club to produce a CD that was debated for a second week.

Discussed were liability issues, including intellectual property rights that would arise after the group made the CD, as well as the large amount of funding - $9,500 - that the group was asking for.

USG decided to postpone the funding decision until further information regarding the legal liability and legal rights of the CD were discussed.

USG President Ryan McHardy said he was impressed with the Safety Walk that took place last week with President Hogan.

The event was a success and was the best response that USG has had for a safety walk on campus, according to Senator Meghan Perrone.

Six new Senate members were sworn in Wednesday. Two new committees were also discussed: the University Signage Committee, which deals with the signs around campus, and the University Security Committee, responsible for cameras and other security measures on campus.

In addition, the Senate approved funding for 28 student organizations on campus, for a total of $59,667.78.


  1. Sounds like a good idea.

    Doesn't appear to be any worse than say...ARCHERY, or (back in the day) when they had competitive shooting teams in schools.

    It's long overdue anyway.


  2. You write very well.