Sunday, October 14, 2007

DBOYS AKS-74U AEG Airsoft Gun Review

I had me a beautiful red box… And I know my AK is in there. I opened the box and AKS-74U was in front of me! I love this gun!! The gun is not too reflective; as what I have read in the forums. I put the gun in the chrono and… I got 390 - 393 FPS, which is great!

This is a really beautiful AK. The weight is just right, the receivers seem very sturdy, the wood handguard is great bonus, and the folding stock is really solid as well. One of the best thing that I loved about this gun is the quality of the externals. It’s awesome! Zero wobbling, completely rock solid construction, and still is not overly heavy.

The gear box uses 7mm metal bushings. The first thing I saw in the gear box was the 7mm nylon bushings, and an ALUMINUM PISTON HEAD.

I had a small problem with the HOP chamber, whenever I fire BB's are going everywhere!! Grouping was horible! I replaced the HOP Up rubber, and the problem wouldn’t go away. I then realized that the HOP Chamber is too tight for the hop rubber, so I just sand-papered the inner part of the chamber and put it all together again; it worked like a charm. Other than the HOP Chamber problem, everything else is fine.

Symptoms of the hop chamber problem:
1.) Inconsistent FPS
2.) The sound is too loud when you fire (air leaks)
3.) Very very weak FPS combined with straying bbs.

THIS IS A VERY VERY ACURATE GUN with respect to the barrel length. I can hit the center of a power post in over 50 meters, time after time. I am confident that I could still hit it in about 70 meters. I was amazed because it’s even more accurate than my old JG Spetz with a 6.03 x 270 tight barrel. It’s more accurate than my old JG G36c as well.

Magazine compatibility
I have a cyma slr mag and it works perfectly in my aksu. I just shaved a milimeter or two on the tab where the mag locks on with the mag catch.

This gun is well worth my money. It’s well worth your money as well!!! This is my 5th gun since I started playing airsoft last february, and I could say that this is a really really beautiful gun. The externals are made from STAMPED STEEL, it’s obviously more durable than cast alloy. I was planning to get the cyma last week, but when I saw the dboys aksu on the market I quickly grabbed one.

Chrono: 390 - 393 fps
Accuracy: Very accurate
Feeding: Good
Magazine: Good
Externals: Excellent
Internals: Good (except for the hop chamber)
Price/Performance: 10/10

Stock Gun overall: 9/10 (the hop chamber let it down, you can fix it anyway)

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  1. Great Review. Most of the DBoys AKS-74U we are shipping out chrono between 380-400FPS. We even had one clock in at 411FPS. All our tests are done with .20g TSD BBs. With Muzzle velocities like that you can comfortably use .23 and .25g BBs on the playfeild.