Saturday, October 08, 2005

Williamsport High School student expelled due to airsoft gun

A Williamsport High School freshman was expelled on Friday after bringing a pellet pistol to school and firing it, the Washington County Sheriff's Department said.

Police said the 14-year-old boy had an Airsoft pistol, loaded with plastic pellets, concealed in his waistband.
There was a report that the boy showed the pistol to other students and fired it in the school, police said.
Police said other students told an art teacher, who confronted the boy. "He reportedly knelt down and pulled it out of his waistband and surrendered it to the teacher," police wrote in a press release.
Police said the pistol was an exact replica of a real SIG Sauer pistol - similar to one an 18-year-old Frederick, Md., man had when he was shot and killed by Frederick Police on Sept. 30.
Frederick Police said they were chasing the man and three other people when they ordered him to drop the handgun, but he turned and pointed it at them.


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