Monday, October 31, 2005

Today's Teen: De Pere gamer lives for PlayStation 2

My name is: Bruce Ninham.

People call me: Bruce.

My age is: 14.

My school is: West De Pere High School.

I live in: De Pere.

People describe me as: funny.

A band or musician I can’t get enough of is: Mike Jones.

The song I would choose as the theme to my life is: “I’ma Hustla” by Cassidy.

My all-time favorite movie is: “Half Baked.”

I never miss an episode of: MTV’s “The Real World.”

If you’re on the Internet, be sure to check out:

A book or magazine I’d recommend is: “PlayStation Magazine.”

I hate to admit it, but my guilty pleasure is: eating chips.

If I could switch places for one day with anyone, it would be: Mike Jones.

My favorite breakfast cereal is: Fruity Pebbles.

The best birthday gift I ever received was: an airsoft gun from my mom.

A celebrity that really annoys me is: Larry the Cable Guy.

The last thing that made me laugh was: “South Park.”

My favorite cartoon character is: Cartman.

If I could have a super power: to fly.

One of my greatest fears is: snakes.

My best trait is: my personality.

My worst habit is: being lazy.

In my spare time, I enjoy: going on the computer and playing video games.

If I won $1 million, I would: buy a bigger house and give some to my mom.

If I could travel anywhere, I would: go to New York City.

I can’t possibly live without: my PlayStation 2.

My future plans include: going to college.

My dream job would be: a DJ for WILD 99.7 FM.

The best thing about being a teenager is: going places by yourself.

My family includes: my mom Nancy, my sisters Marissa and Marie, brothers Matthew and Bobby, my nephew Desmond, and my dog Naceita.

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