Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wanted: “ASSASSIN” To Kill Friend - Airsoft, a new sport taking off in the US

AirSoft Warehouse

The Airsoft Gun Warehouse



Airsoft, a growing popularity
amongst firearm and role playing enthusiasts, is gaining more attention in
today’s market. Airsoft is a close relative of the BB gun, but uses a much
larger plastic pellet than your typical BB’s that are 6mm in circumference.
With Airsoft, there
is minimal result of serious injury during a simulation or training activity,
with the advantage of handling a lifelike non lethal replica of a firearm.

The sport of Airsoft was not recognized in North America and Europe until somewhere in the mid 90s, but originated from Japan in the early 1980s when it was illegal to own firearms. However, the Japanese had a great interest in firearms and created spring powered replicas. During this time, the sport became quite popular in neighboring countries such Hong Kong, Korea, Philippines,and Taiwan.

The sport allows safe training or simulations for those who enjoy role playing either as an undercover assassin or whatever their fantasies may be. There are many forums and organization, such as SoCal Airsoft, that people join for a friendly competition, or otherwise known as “skirmishing” their opponents. In addition, Airsoft allow many to collect or own a realistic replica of their dream gun, whether it may be the Glock or
the Beretta.
These replica firearms are so realistic that it’s beginning to gain popularity
in the movie industry and has appeared as props in movies like The Terminator and Lara
: Tomb Raider.

One of the largest Airsoft retailers in the nation
is Here, you can help yourself to the largest Airsoft inventory.
Whether you’re looking for a spring (best for beginners), gas, or electric gun, can help you find what you need to fulfill that dream of being in combat or just assassinating your friends for fun. You can check them out at or email them at

By Agnes Tham


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