Monday, August 01, 2005

The NEW WE PHX Hi Capa 5.1 Full Metal

First thing when I got this thing home was play around with it see how its feels its painted in a matte black and its pretty solid, one of the first things I noticed was that there are no real steel markings, instead "OPS-M.R.P. CAL.45" under that was a serial number probley the same on every Hi-CAPA, so I was like w/e if it works it works. After getting over the no trades thing I saw that the textured grips are molded right into the lower frame which was a big disappointment, hopfully Sheriff or others will come out with a full metal lower frame and slide. The Hi-Capa is marked with "OPS M.R.P." or "M.R.P." one several places on the gun which means nothing to me so w/e.

Lock n' Load time! One round fired and blamo somethings wrong. After taking a look I saw that the slide was stuck open with the loading muzzle jamming up the place, I pushed the muzzle back and did a little ASC search and the O-Ring seems to be the culprit. After tinkering with the O-ring I got it to fired nicely and did it! I can empty a whole 31 round clip in approximently 5 seconds. The kick wasn't that strong for such a gun, my KSC USP Compact seems to have a harder kick then the Hi-Capa and its smaller too.

The rail is completly optional for those that want to keep the Hi-Capa's lines smooth. The nice Bomar sights are fully adjustable but I see no purpose of fiddling with it so I left it alone. Metal parts are abundent in the Hi-Capa (from top to bottom) Front & Rear sights, Slide catch, Hammer, Slide Guide, Thumb ress, Safety, Trigger, Internals and Magazine.

All and all I love this gun I recommend it to anyone not wanting to buy a WA for several hundrad more.

+ High ROF (Rate of Fire)
+ 31 Round Magazine
+ Option to install rail
+ Bomar Sights
+ Metal lower frame (Actally its middle)
+ Chromed Port/Slide Guide/Barrel/Hammer
+ Nice Weight
+ Dial hop-up
+ Fairly large gas resovior
+ Skeleton Trigger

- O-ring slipage
- Mag release somewhat sensitive
- Slide has to be remove to adjust hop-up
- Grips are molded right into the lower frame
- Mag release is also somewhat big
- No real steel trade markings
- Tapping of the lower frame is needed to mount rail
- Hammer doesn't go all the way down causing friction on the side so its harder to cycle.

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