Thursday, August 25, 2005

Tackle Criminals Not Objects of Airsoft

I WAS disappointed to read your one-sided article “MP allays fears over tough gun law”, (News & Star, August 19).

Mr Cunningham is said to have reassured enthusiasts, yet there were apparently no “reassured enthusiasts” interviewed. Nor was there any comment from representative bodies such as The Sportsman’s Association or Save Airsoft. Yet you included a statement from Gill Marshall-Andrews of the Gun Control Network.

Mrs Marshall-Andrews tells us that “no-one needs a realistic imitation gun”. So what? There are many things people have that they do not “need” and a great deal of them are more dangerous than an imitation gun incapable of harming someone unless you were to hit them with it.

This ban is just another example of government punishing law abiding people for the actions of a criminal element of society. It is already an offence to use an imitation firearm to cause fear.

I expect the ban will be just as succesful as the handgun ban in 1997 which was closely followed by an explosion in gun crime.

When will the Government realise that it must tackle criminals not ownership of objects?

I shall not hold my breath.

Mark Richardson

Great Broughton



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