Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mom demands discipline after students shot with Airsoft gun

by Karen Grace / KENS 5
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Posted on February 27, 2013 at 4:32 PM
 Updated Wednesday, Feb 27 at 5:28 PM

A local mom says her 10-year-old girl received a death threat days before she was shot in the classroom with an Airsoft gun.

She discovered a letter the same day she received a phone call from Woodlake Elementary telling her that her daughter was shot with an Airsoft gun -- a weapon that looks like a real bullet-shooting gun but instead fires plastic [airsoft] pellets with a spring-lock device or compressed air.

According to school officials, the shooter got the [airsoft] gun from a boy in class and fired at two girls.

The mother, who wished to remain anonymous, said she fears the bullying will only get worse once the student is allowed back on campus.

"Shes been bullied by this girl quite a bit already," the mother said. "It's the same girl that wrote the letter and she shot my daughter, laughing, with the pellet [airsoft] gun," she said.

Steve Linscomb, a spokesman for the Judson Independent School District, said the shooter and the boy who brought the [airsoft] gun to class have been suspended for three days.

"This is something that we absolutely can't tolerate," he said.

A hearing before a judge has been scheduled for March 1 to determine if the students will be sent to alternative school.

"I just want to know, because my daughter is going to transfer out of this school," the mother said. "I'm not going to have my daughter here when she can't tell me if she can be safe."

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