Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hackettstown brings in several new businesses

HACKETTSTOWN – In the last month,
Hackettstown has experienced a surge of new businesses coming into town.

Three new businesses have opened on Main Street, said
Hackettstown Business Improvement Director Jim Sheldon. Another business has opened
on Route 57 and a fifth business recently moved from Main Street to Valentine

The new businesses are: Hackettstown Mitsubishi located on
100 Main Street, Stryker Airsoft located on 13 Route 57, Hackettstown Health
Foods located on 199 Main Street and Treasure Trove, a vintage items store,
located next-door to the Hackettstown Health Foods at 201 Main Street. Heart
and Sohl Photography is now located on 126 Valentine Street.

Sheldon was optimistic about some of the town’s vacancies
being filled. “It just really shows that people are starting to find
Hackettstown as a good place to do business. I think they see that Hackettstown
is invested in its streetscape and they see that as a very positive sign. There
is tremendous potential in town,” Sheldon said.
Uzma Kazmi, the manager at Hackettstown Health Foods, also
saw the potential in town. “People are more health-oriented and progressive in
Hackettstown,” she said.
Kazmi said the store is offering 20% off the marked price on
all items – ranging from organic frozen food, body care products – in the store
and 30% off on all body building items, like muscle milk. Kabeer Abro, owner of
Hackettstown Health, also owns a health food store in Washington.
Stryker Airsoft is an indoor Airsoft facility. Airsoft is
like paintball, but without the paint. It is a recreational game played with
replica Airsoft firearms that shoot very small plastic Airsoft pellets.
Owner Connie Smetana says that what separates Stryker
Airsoft from other Airsoft facilities is the arena itself, which has been
described by Airsoft players as an “urban battlefield” and a “mini close
quarter battle city.” “We wanted to make something that was very exciting for
people to look at,” she said.

Treasure Trove is a vintage item store and its hours are
Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Owner Judy Walker has
owned several other antique stores in Hackettstown. “I thought I would try it
again,” she said. The store sells antiques, collectibles, dolls, furniture,
china, linens, jewelry and vintage items, Walker said.
Drew Picon, owner of Hackettstown Hyundai, opened
Hackettstown Mitsubishi on Oct. 1. “We love the area and love the people,” he

Sheldon also commented on the new dealership. “The
Hackettstown Mitsubishi is the perfect location for someone to come in and sign
a lease – it’s a continuing use car dealership,” Shelton said of the new
dealership. “It’s just a home run.”

Heart and Sohl Photoraphy, owned by Sean and Jessi Sohl,
moved from Main Street to a larger space on 126 Valentine Street. “We kept
getting bigger, this is absolutely perfect,” Jessi said of the 1,000 square
foot studio space. She said that the larger space gives them more flexibility
when shooting family portraits and professional headshots, the studio’s

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