Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Airsoft Battle Days: A Checklist

Part of what makes airsoft guns
so popular is their authenticity and preparation for airsoft skirmishes
is just as realistic. Getting ready for an airsoft skirmish is
exciting, nerve-wracking and strategic - and we want to make sure you
don't miss a beat before heading out to the airsoft battle field. Here's a quick
checklist to double (or triple) check before each airsoft battle.
Airsoft gun(s)
It's pretty obvious, but you don't want to forget your airsoft gun on a
battle day. Many airsoft fanatics like to clean their airsoft gun the night
before or morning of, an airsoft skirmish so they can ensure its
functionality; if your airsoft gun has any kinks, you want to find out before
you're on the airsoft battlefield with limited supplies and options. If you have
[an airsoft gun], stow away your airsoft gun in an airsoft gun bag for safe and easy
transport. The airsoft bags are big enough to fit your other airsoft gear as
well as your airsoft gun, so if you pack it all in there, you only have to grab
one bag as you walk out the door to the airsoft skirmish.
Airsoft ammo
Next to your airsoft gun, bringing along ample airsoft ammo is crucial
to your ability to outlast on the airsoft battlefield. Eject your airsoft magazine and
load it up pre-skirmish with quality airsoft bbs. Make sure that you
choose quality airsoft ammo that won't jam up your airsoft gun or airsoft pistol
during game
play. Even if you don't have a high capacity airsoft magazine, as long as you
bring extra airsoft bbs you can outlast the competition. Toss a bag of extra
airsoft ammunition into your airsoft gun bag and you'll be ready to engage
without worrying about running out of airsoft bbs.
Airsoft safety goggles & face protection
Just like real the deal, in a milsim game like airsoft, safety and protective gear is vital. The small, dense airsoft bbs
are a huge safety concern; therefore, make sure you have impact
resistant airsoft goggles. Another recommendation for safety is to
protect yourself with an airsoft mesh full-face mask.
Ghillies or other camouflaged gear/attire
Talk with your airsoft team to discuss a uniform to wear on battle day.
Typically airsoft players will individually equip themselves in
camouflaged gear to match the battlefield. Be sure to think about the
area where you'll be playing airsoft: is it more green-hued like a
forest or woods or is it more neutral like open plains or a desert? Wear
airsoft gear that reflects the environment in which you'll play. If you have a
particularly competitive or intense airsoft skirmish, be sure to think about a
head-to-toe tactical ghillie suit.
Random airsoft supplies to fix guns and parts
Come prepared for your airsoft skirmish with tools to fix a simple airsoft gun error: electric tape, oil, cleaning patches, multi-head screwdriver and a rod to fix airsoft ammo jams. Don't allow
for surprises on the airsoft field and over-plan for problems you may
Airsoft skirmishes will get your heart
rate up, so avoid sugar crashes or low energy when you're playing on
the airsoft field by packing granola bars, trail mix, water bottles and
electrolyte-packed drinks. Bring more nourishment than you think you'll
need in case a fellow airsoft team member is running low.
Review strategy
What kind of airsoft role do you have in skirmishes? Review milsim
strategy with fellow airsoft enthusiasts before a big game and talk airsoft
tactics. If you know the opposing players, your airsoft team can discuss their
strengths and weakness and possible areas for domination.
Additional supplies
Depending on your airsoft gun and your type of game-play, you may need to toss a
few extra supplies into your airsoft gun bag. If you plan on battling
with an airsoft electric gun, bring an extra battery or two. If you're
playing the sniper role, think about bringing binoculars or an airsoft rifle
with a scope for a higher shooting range. You may want to bring along
some green gas if you have a gas or CO2 airsoft gun. Once again, you can never
be too prepared for an airsoft battle.

If you have a special pre-airsoft skirmish ritual, make sure to add
that to this checklist. Head out early to the battle, get a map of the
territory to learn the airsoft battlefield (if you can) and talk strategy with
your airsoft team. You are now fully equipped to dominate in an airsoft

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