Sunday, May 27, 2007

Man gets 60 days for role as driver in airsoft gun shootout

A 20-year-old man convicted for his role in a drive-by pellet gun shooting in December got a 60-day intermittent sentence yesterday in the Ontario Court of Justice.

Terry Amos sat in court with his head bowed, his long bangs covering his face, as Mr. Justice Tim Whetung lectured the young man on his choice of friends and his continued lack of judgement.

Whetung convicted Amos in May for aiding in the use of a weapon in an assault for his role as driver in the incident.

During a brief trial, a 15-year-old boy testified he and his friend were walking on Parkhill Road Dec. 21 when Amos suddenly drove up beside them and slammed on the brakes.

The car window rolled down and one of the boys was shot with an airsoft gun, a children's toy that uses a small amount of air to fire a lightweight plastic pellet.

The boy sustained no injuries, court heard, and Amos was identified as the driver of the car.

After the trial, Amos pleaded guilty to breaking his recognizance and breaking a condition of his undertaking. He had a previous criminal record for stealing tires from a local car dealership in April 2005.

Amos, who is working toward becoming a marine mechanic, had spent the equivalent of eight days in pre-trial custody and will serve the remainder of his jail time every Wednesday, the one day during the week he doesn’t work.

He was also ordered to give a DNA sample for the national databank and has been banned from possessing firearms.

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