Saturday, May 19, 2007

Airsoft Gun Pellet-shooting youth gets one-year probation

A 14-year-old who used an airsoft pellet gun to settle a dispute was sentenced to one year of probation in Sarnia court Wednesday.

The boy pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon for a March 11 incident in south Sarnia. The court was told the youth fired pellets at two older teens who were skateboarding. One of the victims was struck twice in the face by the plastic pellets, but didn't sustained a serious injury.

Defence lawyer Colleen Johnson said outside the courtroom a dispute had arisen between the teens.

Sarnia police have asked parents to supervise youngsters using such guns due to the potential for injury. The pellets can cause bruising and permanent eye damage. The pellet gun seized by police after the incident will not be returned.

The teen must also take any counseling recommended by his probation officer. The court was told he had completed an anger management course and is being treated for attention-deficit disorder.

His identity cannot be published due to restrictions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

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