Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tishomingo Student Shot in the Face by Replica Airsoft Gun

A Johnston County boy was shot in the face with an airsoft pistol. After a boy brought a gun replica to Tishmingo Middle School on the anniversary of columbine. his friend took it out of his back pack and fired. KTEN's Sarah Lindenberg reports.

Police say the gun was an exact replica of a colt 1911 government model. A gun originally used by the US military..... And copied as a toy.

In this incident the boy brought the gun to school and was in his last hour at gym class when his friend took it out of his bag.

Principal Larry Davis said the boy should have reported it .....not fired it.

The boy that shot the weapon was suspended for five days.

The boy that brought it.....was suspended for ten days.

The Tishmingo Police Chief met with the Assistant District Attorney today to discuss whether the gun qualifies as a fire arm.

The A.D.A. said it was a toy and the boy will be charged with a simple assault.

Police say the only thing different about this gun and a real gun is the weight and its markings.

"It is pretty realistic looking alot of them have an orange tip what we seee is kids will paint over the tip or the tip will pop off," Shannon Smith Tishmingo Police said.

The 12-year-old boy's case will now move onto the juvenile services unit. The boy that was shot sustained a minor welt on his jaw.

Sarah Lindneberg KTEN News.

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