Friday, April 28, 2006

Replica gun gets student in trouble

A 15-year-old girl was detained by Simi Valley police for allegedly taking a toy replica gun to Simi Valley High School on April 20.

Simi Valley Police School Resource Officer Arnold Baynard received information from a Ventura County sheriff's deputy that the student was in possession of a firearm on the campus. The deputy had received the information from a student in another city.

The girl was found and detained at school. Baynard took an Airsoft pistol out of the student's pocket.

The toy pistol was a replica of a Glock model 26 9-mm pistol. The toy uses compressed air to shoot small plastic BB-sized pellets. The toy is nearly identical to the real thing and looks and feels like a firearm.

There was no evidence that the student intended to use the pistol to commit a crime or to threaten or hurt anyone. The toy gun was not loaded.

The girl was cited and released. She will be dealt with in the Juvenile Court system on a criminal charge. The Simi Valley School District will address whether the girl can continue to attend school.

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