Saturday, January 07, 2006

Student faces expulsion for toy airsoft gun

A Fargo middle school student is facing suspension and possible expulsion for bringing a toy gun to school before the winter break.

Fargo Superintendent David Flowers says the student brought an Airsoft replica pistol to school. The pistol shoots a soft projectile.

Flowers, who declined to name the school involved, says the investigation indicates there was no malicious intent either by bringing the toy gun as a weapon or intending to use it as a weapon.

Another student saw the toy gun in the student’s backpack.

A punishment has been recommended and will take effect next week. That punishment could range from a year’s expulsion to a short-term suspension and community service.

A three-person panel conducted a hearing to determine an appropriate consequence. Flowers says the student’s intention helps determine the punishment.

“We do take it seriously because these weapons are so realistic that the police even consider them a danger and a threat. If the orange tip is off the barrel, they look so realistic that even the police can’t distinguish them from a real weapon,” Flowers said. “No weapon whether it’s replica or real belongs in school.”

The student has been on suspension pending the outcome of the investigation and the hearing.

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