Friday, January 20, 2006

Class video mistaken for carjacking

A group of Desert Mountain High School students who simulated a carjacking using pellet guns — including one that looked like an M-16 assault rifle — found themselves staring into the muzzles of real guns when police showed up.

The Scottsdale students were brandishing the guns for a criminology class video project.

But a motorist driving past the scene in a parking garage Monday had no idea he wasn’t witnessing a crime, police said.... (For full article please refer to original article)

Milbrandt said he believed police did the right thing and that the situation wasn’t potentially dangerous.

“The biggest thing is that students are encouraged by the instructor to do these things in a private location where they won’t be caught,” Milbrandt said.

“We have to make sure we instruct our students to conduct these things where it won’t cause unnecessary alarm.”

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