Friday, July 08, 2005

Police Say Students Brought Gun To School

SAN DIEGO -- San Diego police detained two young students Thursday morning for allegedly bringing an air gun to school.

Officials told NBC 7/39 that the 14-year-old boys brought the air gun to Farb Middle School in the 4800 block of La Cuenta Drive in Tierrasanta.

Susan Levy, who is the principal at Farb, told that a parent called police after seeing at least one of the boys playing with the gun at a bus stop. Police began their investigation shortly after arriving on campus, calling students out of class and interviewing them. Eventually, a female student was able to lead detectives to one of the boys, according to Levy.

The Airsoft pistol that was confiscated fires a plastic projectile with the aid of a CO2 cartridge and is manufactured to closely resemble an actual weapon. Levy said the gun had an orange barrel tip, which is used to differentiate it from a real gun.

The boys were still being questioned on campus by police at 11 a.m. Levy said the boys will be arrested and that they will both be recommended for expulsion under the school district's zero-tolerance policy. There is no word yet on what charges will be filed against the teens.

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