Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Airsoft Warehouse website updates

Barry at Airsoft Warehouse has sent in news that they've reworked their retail website. Their site is easier to get around now (at least easier than I last remember) and looks good on a standard screen; a lot of the front page text is actually image based though so it may take a bit to load on a slow connection:
Airsoft Warehouse would like to announce that their web site has now been re-launched after extensive redevelopment work. We have added images to nearly every item and also added loads of new products. We will continue to add products from existing manufacturers and also several new manufacturers over the next few months. We will have the new Classic Army M15 A4 CQB on sale in the next few weeks (watch this space for the unbelievable price when it is announced).

The Classic Army M249 will also be in the shops shortly at an unbelievable £649.99. We are not taking deposits as the launch dates keep changing and we would prefer the money stayed in your pocket rather than ours. However please feel free to register your interest as we will have sufficient stock to cater for demand. Barry, Airsoft Warehouse Limited)

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