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I didn't realize prior to receiving the gun that KWA made a g18c, I foolishy just assumed (and you know what happens when you assume) that I was being sent a KSC. When the gun arrived though, I was confused at first, because the inner barrel was orange, and my friends KSC he ordered from Hong Kong didn't come that way. Turns out the g18c I was sent is a KWA- and foolishly, at first, I guess I was disappointed it wasn't the KSC. Notice I said foolishly. Actually, there was nothing to worry about... So this review will focus on both the general nature of the g18c, as well as the difference between the KWA and KSC versions. First, specifics about this particular gun.
Pic of the Glock 18c from website PART I: KWA vs KSC So my next question was, what is the deal with KWA? The thing that is odd is that the box the gun came it, while labeled KWA, still had KSC written on it as well. The instruction manuals on the inside were stamped with 'KSC G18c', so obviously there is a link. While I am not sure anyone knows FOR SURE, the research I have done has indicated that KWA is the company that KSC had make their g18c's for them. KWA then made a version, without trademarks and with the solid orange inner barrel, intended for sale directly in the United States.So what does that mean? For all practical purposes, the KWA g18c is identical to the KSC version. Which is a good thing. My intent when getting the g18c was to upgrade it with a metal slide and barrel, which would be black anyway, so the orange was not a problem for me.First, here is the metal kit I installed on the glock. It consists of just a metal inner barrel, and a metal slide. As I noted before, the stock slide that came with the gun did not have any trademarks on it. That is to allow easy importation. Well, now that it is in my hands, I wanted the trades, so I got them though the metal slide. In the picture below, the bottom piece in the inner barrel, and that is the piece that was made out of solid orange plastic in the stock gun.
The metal slide and metal inner barrelThe inner barrel already has some scuff marks on the top of it in the back, as you can see. That is from normal use. The front site, if you can tell, is also missing from the gun now. I have found that this seems to be a common problem that occurs with these guns in general, especially when you have the metal slide installed.Let me explain the picture below. It is confusing. My friend has a glock18c, and his slide cracked where the slide catch is- also another common problem with the g18c when used on auto fire a lot with the stock plastic slide. So I let him use my KWA slide and inner barrel on his KSC glock 18c. That gun is the top gun in the picture. The lower gun is my gun, the KWA gun with the metal slide and metal inner barrel.
The two glocks- KSC body/KWA top above, KWA body/metal top belowAll of the differences between the KWA and KSC can be gleemed from the picture above. First, look at the slides. The KWA slide (top one) does not have any trademarks- just the word Viper, the chief importer and supplier of the KWA glocks. The metal slide (bottom one) is NOT the KSC slide, but it does have the same markings, and as you can clearly see in the picture, it has the proper trademarks.Next, look at the lower halves. The KSC grip (top one) hasthe Glock emblem on the grip, in the square towards the bottom. The KWA grip (lower one) has nothing in that square- it is blank.
Same two glocks, back sideSame two Glocks, just on the flip side. Again, you will find the same differences as explained before. The KWA slide (top) and the KWA grip (bottom) are devoid of all trademarks, while the KSC grip(top) and the metal slide(bottom) have the proper trademarks.And that, my good people, is the only difference between the two brands. EVERYTHING else is the same. Magazines are identical, mechanisms are identical. In fact, We easily just swapped the slides on the two above guns back and forth at will, each retaining full functionality. Based on what I have seen, I have every reason to believe that the theories online are true. The KWA gun is exactly the same, in every way, to the KSC version, save the trademarks.PART II: Evaluating the Glock 18cWith that cleared up, we can move on to the g18c itself. This is my Glock 18c below.
My metal Glock 18cThis is the KWA g18c I received, with a standard metal slide/barrel kit installed. As you can see, this can perhaps be described as your generic handgun. Just like the MP5A4 is your generic sub machine gun. Now when I say generic, please dont think I am making an implication about the quality of the gun. Just as the MP6 is an excellent airsoft gun, so is the g18c.While the gun doesn't look too special, it is. For those that dont know, the g18c is the handgun of choice for so many airsoft enthusiasts because of one thing- full automatic firing. Right now, only three guns really offer that feature in a gas blowback handgun- the M93R, the Prokiller Mk. II, and the g18c. Of those guns, the g18c is by far the most common, and has the most aftermarket parts available for it (the Pro Mk. II is a relatively new gun, it should be noted). You can easily track down almost any part that needs to be replaced on this gun with little effort.On the rear of the gun, as seen in the picture above, is the fire selector mechanism. Up is semi auto firing, which is just like any other GBB pistol, middle is maintenance mode (for taking the slide off) which double as a safety for the most part, and down is fully automatic.
My metal Glock 18c, part twoThe only true safety on the gun is built into the trigger mechanism, and you can maybe see it in the picture above. It is hardly useful- maybe it would stop the gun from firing if you drop it or if your finger is the thickness of a drinking straw, but if you pull the tigger, it goes back. So to avoid any accidental firing, just keep the mode selector in the middle.The g18c is also sometimes tricky to set the firing mode. You have to push the slide backwards slightly to get the switch to change positions. Like so many other quirks, that is normal. Another quirk is the rattling of the metal inner barrel. The stock gun, all plastic, does not have this rattle. So again, another quirk. But if it makes you feel any better about your gun, the real steel Glocks have that rattle as well, so you can even rationalize it as being "more realistic" that way... :) The g18c in size is about what most would consider 'normal.' It is designed to fit comfortably in both he left and right hand, and is contoured fairly well. Below is a picture showing its size compared to the WA SVI 6" Standard, which most would consider a large handgun.
The Western Arms SV Infinity 6" Standard, and the KWA Glock 18c As you can see, the guns do not differ drastically in size. The SVI is longer, but the main difference is the girth of the grp. If you look in the picture, you can see that the g18c has a much more narrow grip- I have big hands, and in my opinion, the grip on the g18c is more comfortable.The metal g18c is a heavy gun. Stock, it is much lighter. But with the metal slide and inner barrel installed, then gun weighs just about as much as the SVI in the picture above, and that gun is a heavy handgun.The weight on the g18c, as with most GBBs, is centralized in the magazine. There are two magazines available for the g18c:
The standard 23 round magazine and the hi-capacity 50 round magazine The standard magazine the gun comes with holds 23 rounds. The magazine is actually nicer than some of the magazines coming on the more expensive guns, such as the SVI, in that the fill valve on the bottom is hidden under a sliding cover on the bottom of the magazine, which also server to keep the valve clean. Another nice feature is the fact you can lock the spring in the down position for filling the magazine. This may sound petty, but when you have to load a GBB magazine 1 bb at a time, this comes in real handy.Another one of the big appeals of the g18c is the 50 round magazine available for it. While many people do not like this magazine because of the way the gun looks with the magazine in place:
Glock 18c with 50 round magazine While this magazine may look goofy or out of place, it makes the g18c such a practical sidearm. Think about it. 50 rounds, fully automatic, and semi automatic. Remember that initial comparison I made to the MP5??? Exactly.The KSC/KWA g18c is also known to readily take green gas, which ups the ante on this gun even higher. My g18c with metal slide, with green gas, clocks in at 310fps.The only thing stopping this gun from outpacing an MP5 performance wise is the accuracy. The g18c in semi shoots about as well as any other GBB I have shot to date. Nothing special, and nothing any worse than any other gun. Fully automatic, however, brings new meaning to the term 'spray and pray.' Odds are you will still be able to hit what you are aiming for- it just wont be with the precision of an AEG. The gun, whether stock or metal, has a great kick to it, ESPECIALLY in fully automatic, and ESPECIALY with green gas. You want a gun that will scare people based on just the sound it makes, the g18c is the gun for you. Stock, with a plastic slide, on green gas, this gun has a rate of fire MUCH higher than any standard AEG. It can empty the 23 round normal magazine in a second or two if you want it to. That is even perhaps a complaint people have about the gun- it goes through bbs so fast on fully automatic. Since I have installed the metal slide and inner barrel, and an Airsoft Elite reinforced spring guide, my rate of fire has slowed compared to how it was stock. And in this case, that is a good thing.The g18c also has a rail on which you can mount a number of accessories, located in front of the trigger, under the barrel. Probably the most popular attachment would be a laser. Other accessories you can get are high optic sights and a threaded barrel for silencer attachment.The KWA g18c is an excellent overall gun for any level of airsofter. It is a fairly simple, easy to work on, comfortable gun, with plenty of replacement and upgrade parts available, and heck, fully automatic. While I consider the WA SVI 6" to have perhaps more flair and style than the g18c, it is the g18c that I carry into battle when I carry a handgun.Its functionality for outweighs any minor quirks the gun may have. If you are looking for a reliable and practical gun, then I can recommend the g18c. And please dont think I am saying this as some sort of hot news item. Tons of people know about this gun, and tons of people use this gun already. If you are looking for news, then perhaps you can take from this that the KWA g18c is for all practical purposes identical to its more well known brother, the KSC.Let me conclude by saying that off all airsoft guns on the planet, this one is perhaps the best you can use to try and get someone interested in airsoft that has never played before. The way this gun feels on full auto borders on magical. Give it a try.
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