Monday, September 03, 2012

Mother Upset Police Did Not Respond Quickly

A mother is angry that police didn't come right away after she reported a crime.
Neighbors in the Cather Circle area of Colorado Springs say someone is shooting at several kids who play outside. They think the shooter is using some sort of BB or [airsoft] Pellet Gun.

"He was coming towards the house and got shot from behind," Lisa Thompson explained.
Lisa Thompson is in disbelief, she says both of her kids have been hit and she has no idea who is pulling the trigger.

"All I thought of is it could've been his eye," Thompson said.

Her son Arthur describes what happened and shows 11 News the type of Airsoft BB that hit him.
"I was just walking across the street and all I felt was a pain and a hit on the back of my leg," Arthur said.

Thompson says she called police several times Monday but their reaction time isn't fast enough.
"They said we don't have anyone available so we're not sending anyone," Thompson said.

11 News spoke to Police about this situation; they explained that they have to respond to calls based on the level of emergency. Police have noted this problem and hope to send a patrol car out to the area.

If you know who is shooting at these kids, you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers 634-STOP.

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