Saturday, August 25, 2012

Man tussles with Walmart loss prevention officers

FORT WALTON BEACH - A Shalimar man is accused of trying to defraud a local discount store of merchandise and money, then scrapping with loss prevention officers who confronted him.

On Aug. 11 the 27-year-old man came into the Beal Parkway Walmart store and went to the Sporting Goods Department, where he chose an Airsoft gun. He then went to the Hardware Department, where he removed the gun from its packaging and hid it on his person. He left the store, got into his car, parked in a different spot, then went back inside to the Customer Service desk and returned the gun for a refund.

After the return was finished, he went back to the Sporting Goods Department, chose two packages of Airsoft pellets and put them into his pants pocket. He left the store without paying for the merchandise.

He was confronted by two Walmart loss prevention officers, and a struggle ensued. During the struggle, one of the Walmart employees fell to the ground.

The man was later arrested and identified in a lineup.

He was charged with petty theft and resisting the recovery of property by a retail merchant or farmer.

His court date is Aug. 28.

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