Monday, December 19, 2011

Kids Line Up To Sit With Santa

With less than a week til Christmas, everyone is busy, finishing last minute shopping. But no one is as busy as the big man --- Santa Claus. Today, we stopped by the mall, where he was taking a break from toy making, to find out what good little girls and boys want for Christmas, and they had their lists ready!

"A big lawnmower," said Robby Kennedy, just 2 and a half years old.

Three year old Braden Skidmore said he wants a monster truck and Madison McDaniel planned to ask Santa for a trampoline.

Gift requests ranged from new sports equipment, to hunting supplies, and even a few toy trucks and dolls. But Santa says this year, the big surprise for him, is the number of little kids asking for big kid gifts.

"The one thing that's really struck me this year was a lot of electronics. Ipods, Ipads, even kindles for kids that's I would think- 'What would you do with this?'," Santa said.

And there were plenty of those requests to go around.

"I wanted an Ipad and a 3DS and a dairy queen blizzard maker," said 6 year old Brayden Marshall.

His 4 year old brother Ben planned to ask fora "toy laptop. And I got my picture made with Santa at my school."

"X-Box360 with connect and an airsoft gun," is what 7 year old Jack McDaniel hopes to find Sunday morning. And Tabitha Yoder told us she wants an X-Box, too.

And for those who give Santa their list...but don't quite believe he's the real thing....

"Of course! I'm here and I feel pretty really and if they wanna check the beard or pinch me to see if I'm real and that usually satisfies most young ones," said Santa.

And if you haven't gotten a chance to give Santa your list yet, don't worry. He tells us he'll be at the mall til it closes on Christmas Eve, when he'll head back to the North Pole and start his busy night!

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