Monday, August 15, 2011

Teens caught brandishing toy gun while driving

Two Muskegon teens are in trouble with the law after they were observed brandishing an Airsoft gun at 5 p.m. Thursday near Beacon Boulevard and Taylor Avenue in Grand Haven.

Police said a vehicle driven by an 18-year-old was observed by another motorist who thought the front-seat passenger, 17, was brandishing an actual gun, said Capt. Rick Yonker of the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety. About a half-hour later, a GHDPS detective was behind the suspect vehicle; and, according to Yonker, officers initiated a stop of the vehicle just south of Robbins Road and positioned their vehicles for a felony stop.

“It’s the most cautious way we’d stop a vehicle,” Yonker said, adding they do those types of stops on belief that a weapon is in the car.

Yonker said the two passengers were asked to leave the vehicle one at a time. After a search, the Airsoft gun was located, as well as a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, Yonker said.

One of the suspects admitted to brandishing the toy weapon and said they didn’t intend for it to be done in a threatening manner, Yonker said.

The driver of the vehicle was issued a citation for possession of a plastic bag of marijuana, and the passenger was cited for possessing drug paraphernalia and displaying an Airsoft gun in a passenger compartment of a vehicle.

The two suspects, whose names haven’t been released, are due to appear in court later this month.

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