Tuesday, June 21, 2011

AirSplat spearheads the fight on SB798

Help Save Airsoft in California!

SB 798 has been put on HOLD!! BUT THE FIGHT IS NOT OVER!!

On June 21st, dedicated airsofters and airsoft retailers like AirSplat drove to the State Capitol in Sacramento to Speak out against SB 798. The Public Safety committee voted it down NO 5-2. But the author of the bill, senator Kevin De Leon, isnt finished yet. the bill has been scheduled to be reheard soon. The current Laws already provide ample protection and safeguards for players and police. Unfortunately its politicians and politics getting in the way of our honest and fun sport.

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What is SB798: The California Legislative is trying to pass SB Bill 798 which calls for imitation firearms, a classification which would include paintball & airsoft markers, to be brightly colored (i.e., orange) in order to distinguish them from real firearms. This is a concern to the paintball/airsoft industry as it would require all paintball/airsoft guns to be painted a bright color.

What You Can Do:

We are asking each of our leaders to please take the time to call AND email the assembly members listed below, as they are the ones in charge of SB798. Remember that YOUR JOB is at risk because of this bill, so we all need to come together as a unit to make our voices heard to the people that have control over the future of our business. Explain to these representatives that your job is at stake, an entire industry is at stake, and that they need to take all of these factors into consideration.


Step 1: Call the numbers below and introduce yourself. “Hello, my name is _________________, and I am calling regarding bill SB798.”

Step 2: Explain your position on the matter.

If You’re Under 18: “I have been a paintball (or airsoft) player for ________ years, and I feel that bill SB798 will dramatically change the sport that I love. I wanted torecommend that you please vote to reject or amend SB798.”

If You’re Over 18: “I am a voter and have been a paintball (or airsoft) player for _______ years, and I am concerned that bill SB798 will dramatically change the sport that I love. I wanted to ask you to please vote to reject or amend SB798. As a voter I will be suggesting this same course of action to my friends and family so that they too may speak up against the bill.”

If You Reach a Voicemail: Read your chosen statement above and close the message by saying “I would like someone to call me back before June 14th so that I will know that my opinion has been heard and understood. Thank you for your time.”

If you Reach a Live Person: Read your chosen statement above, and be prepared to answer any return questions that the representative on the other line my have. Here are two examples:

Question: Why are you against the bill?

Answer: “The bill is written in a way that it would have a massive negative effect on the sport. Requiring that all guns be brightly colored will take away from the fantasy experience of the game.” Note: If you or someone you give this letter to works at a paintball/airsoft company, mention that your own job is at risk, along with the jobs of thousands of other industry members.

Question: Why is coloring the guns such a problem?

Answer: I have already invested a considerable amount of time and money into my personal equipment, plus requiring them to be brightly colored will make the game less enjoyable as it will take away considerably from the fantasy aspect of the sport.

Name District Phone Email
Tom Ammiano – Chair Dem-13 916-319-2013 Assemblymember.Ammiano@assembly.ca.gov
Steve Knight – Vice Chair Rep-36 916-319-2036 Assemblymember.Knight@assembly.ca.gov
Gilbert Cedillo Dem-45 916-319-2045 Assemblymember.Cedillo@assembly.ca.gov
Curt Hagman Rep-60 916-319-2060 Assemblymember.Hagman@assembly.ca.gov
Jerry Hill Dem-19 916-319-2019 Assemblymember.Hill@assembly.ca.gov
Holly J. Mitchell Dem-47 916-319-2047 Assemblymember.Mitchell@assembly.ca.gov
Nancy Skinner Dem-14 916-319-2014 Assemblymember.Skinner@assembly.ca.gov

For a Full PDF form of the above to email and send to others, click here

http://www.airsplat.com/Save Airsoft No to SB798.pdf


Letter to use to send to legislators. Please sign this and send to Senator de Leon, and your local district Senator and Representative:

Sample Letter for Your State Representative (See Link below to find your state representative)

Voice your opposition to this bill by calling or writing to your local State Senator and assemblyman and the bill sponsor, State Senator Kevin de Leon:

Locate Your Specific Senator/Assembly Member:

Please go to

Scroll down the map of California and enter your street address, city and zip code in the appropriate boxes below; click on “Find”. Your senator
and contact information will then be available.

Please take the time to make these calls and emails, as the future of our sport relies on your efforts. Thank you.

Contact Author of AB 798: Senator Kevin De Leon, State Capitol, Room 5108, Sacramento, Ca. 95814; (916) 651-4022.

Sample Letter for Senator De Leon

Sacramento Office:
Senator Kevin de Leon
California State Capitol
Room 5108
Sacramento, CA 94248

Los Angeles Office:
Senator Kevin de Leon
617 S. Olive St.
Suite 710
Los Angeles, CA 90014


1.) Contact local City Councils and County Boards of Supervisors. Explain what SB 798 does, why you oppose it and ask them to oppose it, too. Ask them to contact the local area Assembly members and urge them to oppose it.

2.)Contact local retailers that sell Airsoft, BB, and pellet guns. Explain what it does, how it could affect them (loss of sales, etc.), and ask them to oppose it.

3.)Contact local sportsmen’s clubs and organizations. Explain the bill and ask them to oppose it.

4.) Ask your family and friends to oppose SB 798, also, and to take the steps outlined herein to oppose it.

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