Saturday, May 14, 2011

Comments regarding SB798

The following are comments from a few Facebook fans that oppose SB798. Their fight again SB798 helped spark others into joining the cause.

"This bill doesn't solve the actual problem, which is the improper use of said replica firearm due the the ignorance of one individual. Airsoft guns clearly state on the package not for use by anyone under the age of 18 unless under proper supervision. Even if the gun is colored orange, law enforcement is going to treat it the same way as a real firearm. The difference between a toy gun and an airsoft gun is the same as a garden hose and a fire hose. Anyone can use the garden hose, but the fire hose requires training and must be operated in a controlled environment. Airsoft is an booming industry that creates thousands of jobs especially in California. What is going to happen to all the stock at these stores when they can't sell it? Is the government going reimburse the retailers so they don't go out of business? How about employ those who loose there jobs due to SB 798? What about the airsoft parks and the loss of profits from this bill due to the decline in players? I'd have to admit it seems like their heart is in the right place, but if you plan on breaking the glass, you better be prepared to pick up the pieces." - Jason Vasques

"I think this whole Idea of banning black colored airsoft or BB buns, perhaps even pellet guns is totally stupid and unwarrented. Get real and let be grown ups about this. Depriving those of us who are responsible citizens from exploring fun plinking to some cartoon colored guns is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. Don't you people in office have something better to do?" John Erickson

The government needs to get its hands off of these sort of issues! There are more than enough laws on the books in regards to airsoft already that address these sorts of issues! Adding this law will change nothing! If anyone pulls ANY type of gun on a police officer, that is reason enough for that officer to do whatever he sees fit to do in order to protect himself and keep the peace! Plus now REAL criminals are just going to paint their REAL guns bright colors...they have painted tips orange already! - Ryan Dodds

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