Thursday, February 04, 2010

Airsoft Guns Provide A Unique Way To Play Soldier.

these reproduction firearms got popular in Japan and other parts of the orient and Europe and then eventually found their way to the United States. Although they were original intended to satisfy collectors they have since become an important part of a worldwide craze.

While they are mostly manufactured in Asia airsoft guns are available in all parts of the world. However regulation has made it necessary within the United States for any airsoft firearms to have a distinguishing orange mark or cap on them. This is so that they are easily identifiable and can be distinguished from the real thing.

Police department and military training units have started to recognize the feasibility of airsoft guns as usable for training exercises. Manufactured in identical size and weight these weapons provide a relatively inexpensive alternative to using authentic firearms.

Many methods of play have developed using airsoft guns. Perhaps the most popular of these is known as MilSim or military simulation. Military simulation is basically a hard core game set up around military missions with teams that play against each other. These serious players often go as far as to use rations, explosives and radios.

With replica m16’s and other traditional military weapons these battles can often look like the real thing since players are often required to dress in particular military uniforms. In other cases the players wear regular civilian clothing rather than fatigues. These skirmishes where the players wear civilian clothing are called skirmish in silly kit or SISK.

Players have to be honest when it comes to whether they have been hit since airsoft pellets are small rubber balls and not paint packed balls, as is used in paint ball guns. Paint ball is another popular war like game played with authentic looking guns that fire paint balls that leave marks on their targets and victims. Since Airsoft ammunition does not leave these marks often it is up to the player to admit that they have been hit.

Due to the exactness of these guns some areas have restricted their use, such as large inner cities. In the United States these guns are required to contain orange markings that are permanent. So they can be quickly distinguished from authentic fire-arms.

These mock-up semi-automatics can be found at many retail outlets and can be commonly found at flea markets and swap meets. Another popular way to locate these weapons is at kiosks in malls and even at some sporting goods retailers. Airsoft guns can also be found via the internet at a variety of retailers that over large selections of guns and other associated items.

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  2. These guns that use small round pellets have developed to the point they are standardized and produced in a limited number of calipers.