Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gun ban covers airsoft guns and air rifles

Airsoft, air rifles, and exact replica models of toy guns are covered by the election gun ban and those found violating the prohibition will be arrested and prosecuted in court, Negros Oriental provincial police director, Sr. Supt. Augusto Marquez Jr., has warned.

Marquez issued the statement in the wake of reports that some airsoft enthusiasts continue with the sport despite the ban. He said these items will be deposited in the place of the activity, as carrying of the same from one point to another is unlawful, he said.

Toy guns that are exact imitations of the genuine models are also prohibited, as well as the pellets used for these can cause harm to people, he said.

He also announced that the holding of shooting competitions and regular proficiency firing by civilians and gun clubs should be held in abeyance, until the absolute gun ban is lifted on June 10.

Roy Cang of the Dumaguete Shootists' Association Inc. said their club plans to asking permission for its members to hold their proficiency shooting, at the provincial police headquarters at Camp Fernandez in Sibulan.

Cang, a businessman, said that during the ban period, he has ordered the pull out of air rifles and replica toy guns and ammunition from his store in downtown Dumaguete City .

So far, not a single violator of the gun ban has been arrested in Negros Oriental despite random checkpoints established by the police and the army and supervised by the Commission on Elections, Marquez said.*JFP

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