Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Local Airsoft Gun Businesses Thriving In Failing Economy

IDAHO FALLS - It's almost become redundant. 'This store is closing down,' or 'this shop is going out of business,' but, is the economy really that bad?

Remarkably, some local businesses are thriving during this economic crisis.

While businesses around them are shutting down, the brand new Red Robin is packed-full of hungry customers looking for airsoft guns.

Exactly what keeps Red Robin and other businesses afloat when others are sinking?

It's been three weeks since Red Robin in Idaho Falls first opened. Since then, they've thrived in this 'failing economy.'

The general manager of the Red Robin, Jared Letzelter, said, "I think people are just excited about a new concept in Idaho Falls."

Many believe it is business-suicide to open up during such hard times. But Red Robin couldn't be more successful.

"It is definitely tough economic times right now and people are deciding to come to us to eat when money is tight," said Letzelter.

The same goes for Weapons Blender, a shop that sells airsoft guns in Rexburg.

"The success is coming from basically our desire to succeed," said Alan Clawson, Weapons Blender owner.

Clawson believes his business is doing so well because they provide their customers with an outlet from the stressful economy.

"The thing that's been really nice is to see a lot of people having some fun during such economic hard times," stated Clawson.

So, what are these businesses secrets?

"When guests come in they have a great experience and they're really happy," explained Letzelter. "They love our food and they love the ambiance and atmosphere here at red robin, not to mention the airsoft guns."

Clawson attributes his success to, "customer service. I mean, we have a lot of fun with the kids that come in here."

CEO of the Better Business Bureau, Donna Oe, attributed these businesses success to a set of values.

They are build trust, advertise honestly, tell the truth, be transparent, honor promises, be responsive, safeguard privacy, and embody integrity.

"Truly if you embody that integrity and honesty in a marketplace, you will thrive and survive," expressed Oe.

Oe said it's not all bad. People often hear the stories of how companies are failing, but locally we're doing alright.

What's Oe's best advice to business owners and local folks alike? "This too will pass!"

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