Monday, December 01, 2008

ICS MP5 A4 Airsoft Rifle Sportline Quality Review

Product Summary: ICS MP5 A4 Sportline and Deepfire M120 Spring
Cost: $154.95 (AEG) and $11.95 (Spring) MSRP
Source: Airsplat
Gun Type: AEG
Average FPS: 335 (.2g bbs)
Max Effective Range: 140 ft
Good fit and finish for a plastic body, useful rear sight assembly, excellent gearbox good long range accuracy selector switch is provides more tactile feedback than many, full metal magazines that cycled a large number of bbs.
Cons: Test model came with a bad spring and required replacement before max. FPS was achieved, the fire selector switch could have more positive click in.
Editor's opinion:
The ICS MP5 A4 Sportline was a mixed bag for us. The spring issue was a great dissapointment as this was the first ICS product we've tested. Based on our research ICS has an excellent reputation and thus, we have conlcuded that our model's malfunction was an isolated incident. Further, when the spring was replaced, the gun functioned flawlessly. We suspect that the gun may have been shipped from the factory with the spring inadvertently compressed, causing it to lose some of its tension by the time it reached our shop. Once the spring was swapped out this AEG performed well. We would give the gun slightly above average overall marks rating at a B- though it would have recieved an A grade but for the spring issue.
Final Grade: B-

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