Tuesday, August 05, 2008

South Jordan bans toy airsoft guns

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah (ABC 4 News) - One Utah city says it's safer because it is banning toy guns, including airsoft guns. On Tuesday night, The South Jordan City Council took the vote and decided that airsoft pistols are off limits in some places in the city limits.

The fake guns are not banned on private property, but in public places, streets and parks. South Jordan Police asked for tougher laws because of vandalism and because the airsoft guns look so much like real ones.

It came down to a vote on Tuesday night with no public hearing, but it wasn't without compromise. The airsoft guns are off limits in parks or other public areas.

"It gives our police officers the protection they need to be able to make the point that this is serious and that we don't want these things flying through public parks where someone could be blinded," said Aleta Taylor from the South Jordan City Council.

The new law provides for warnings for first offenses, but repeat offenders could face Class B misdemeanor charges.

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