Wednesday, January 16, 2008

E. Idaho man seeks tougher laws on replica airsoft guns

POCATELLO, Idaho (AP) - An eastern Idaho man is leading a charge for tougher state laws on toy guns that closely resemble actual firearms.

In this case, the concern is over so-called airsoft guns, which fire a plastic pellet and are popular for use in military style games. Airsoft guns are also prized for their realistic design and likeness to real firearms.

In recent weeks, airsoft guns have been at the center of a handful of encounters between police and teenagers carrying them in neighborhoods in Pocatello and Chubbock.

That's why Fort Hall resident Dave Archuleta says the time is ripe for tougher regulations.

He says the guns are so realistic looking that one day a police encounter could turn deadly.

Archuleta says he is urging Representative Donna Boe, a Pocatello Democrat, to lobby for tougher state laws on the guns.

Boe says she shares concerns but more research is needed on the issue.


  1. Anonymous4:03 PM

    All Air-soft Replica's have an orange tip, if people would look closely or stop and ask children, is that an airsoft gun? The police would not have to be called. People should not be afraid, just stop and ask, is that a real gun? Most of the time children don't carry real weapons out in the open. Think, ask and look first.

    1. I am an avid airsoft player in the pocatello area, I do not wish to see my sport suffer penalties due to the action of a few irresponsible people. Airsoft is played much like paintball, and is used by recreationalists and military and law-enforcemnt agencies for training. Games should be held out of town, and definitely not through neighborhoods. If the Airsoft Electric Gun or A.E.G. is displaying an orange tip then it is legal in most states. A.E.G.'s shoot plastic bb's a relativly high feet per second, and are not toys.

      The cheap airsoft rifles ($20) that most "children" get a hold of are really cheaply made, more expensive varieties (150+) are for serious players. Any airsoft rifle should be treated with respect, and even though they are not firearms or BB-guns they should be treated with the same care.

      I believe that airsofting should be treated like paintball. "Children" should only use airsoft rifles with adult supervision, and if kids are airsofting through your neighborhood I would look to blame their parents before punishing the rest of the people involved in the sport.