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Classic Army CA53 Airsoft Gun Review

Classic Army CA53 is an outstanding airsoft fire arm. It has been sold for a while now, and customers appear to be very content with them. They are known to be very dependable. As with most full size airsoft arms, they design like their real life counter pieces. While the Classic Army CA53 is not the most affordable product on the market, the price is really worth it. You will get your money’s worth found in quality, and opposite customers’s acknowledgment for your good taste. At 2552.0g , it is light enough for most people to carry onto the playing field. The starting speed of the ammo at 85-105 m/sce is where most of the other maunfacturers set their merchandise.

Care of the Classic Army CA53 is adequately straight forward. The only thing that you will need to do to keep this airsoft gun going is to restrain the hop-up assembley lubed with silicone spray and and the barrel clean. The disassembly of the weapon is uncomplicated, but taking apart the gearbox is not advised unless you are really sure what you are up to.

Specifications of the Classic Army CA53 :

The Classic Army CA53 weighs 2552.0g . The length of the barrel on this genuine looking airsoft rifle is 220mm . The inner diameter, or as most commonly known, the caliber of the barrel of the weapon is 6.08mm . The clip holds a at the most of 450 Roud rounds found in it when it is filled up. For some guns, larger capacity round holders are , in addition, available, even ones that hold literally thousands ammo and have an electric motor located in them to push the rounds inside the fire arm. The size of the ammo is the usual 6mm Ammunition . The starting speed of the ammunition is 85-105 m/sce as it exits the barrel. For most arms, upgrades are facilely available, if not directly from the manufacturer, from your local airsoft shop for a fee. The pack of batteries size mandated for this product is a Mini Type (8.4V) battery pack. The Classic Army CA53 is also known as AEG operated airsoft fire arm.

Features of the Classic Army CA53 :

Metal Body. Metal Front Set. Metal Hop Up Chamber. Steel Flash Hider. 450 Rd Hi-Cap Magazine. Spring- Loaded, Retractable Factory. One-piece Forgrip. A3 Lower Receiver.

General information On airsoft:

The overall average for a high quality electric weapon such as a Classic Army or Tokyo Marui, is about $200-$500 USD, depending on the model. Many airsoft guns, especially AEGs, come with little red plastic barrel blockers that fit over the muzzle, but these can be shot off the fire arm, and don’t provide the quick visual check that a barrel bag does. Airsoft participants organize meetings, either indoors or outdoors, at dedicated airsoft battlefields to play a variety of games ranging from short-term skirmishes, organized scenarios, armed service simulations, or historical reenactments. A hop-up unit, if present, puts backspin on the pellet giving a slight upward arc. Some players even wear military-style helmets, such as the kevlar MICH helmet, or hydration systems, such as those manufactured by Camelbak.

Some words about airsoft safety:

Although there is a considerable difference between airsoft and paintball energy levels (1 joule verses 12 joules), the type of collisions that occur (elastic airsoft vs. In many jurisdictions, using an imitation firearm to commit a crime (which often includes the generic term of “brandishing”) carries the same penalty as if a actual firearm were utilized because of the intent to kill. Eye protection not created specifically for employ with airsoft or paintball guns may break or shatter upon being struck, causing eye damage (although rare and uncomplicatedly prevented). There have been a few highly isolated cases of airsoft arms becoming mistaken for actual firearms, and some cases where armed law enforcement units have responded to tips of unlawful firearm operate.

Airsoft accessories:

There are also little paintball pellets available for airsoft arms;they are prone to breaking found in the gun, jamming in the fire arm, not breaking when hitting the target, and damaging pieces of the rifle which will need repairs to function correctly. 50, for a container of about 2000, to approximately $16 USD, for a large tub of on 10,000. Most of these “pyro” devices are powered by a gas.

Airsoft is very big on real life like cenerios. Here are a few thoughts on that:

Many Mil-Sim players choose to wear real gear (not an airsoft replica) and found in some cases, real life ballistic protective armor. Some common game variations include Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Close Quarters Battle (that attempts to simulate real life Close Quarters Battle). CQB situations include close range confrontations such as “house entry” where maneuvrability is more important than length or power.
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