Thursday, July 05, 2007

Airsoft Scope Review

AirSplat was kind enough to send this my way for review. As it was, I needed a scope to go atop my UTG L96, and they suggested that I take a look at this. So without further adieu here it is.


Included in the box:

Retail Cost at Time of Review:
$44.95 @ AirSplat

The scope itself is constructed from a single tube and is made from what appears to be aluminum. Weighing in at 3 lbs. it’s about what you’d expect a scope this size to weight. The glass used in the scope appears to be decent quality and features a slight anti-reflective coating on the objective lens.

The lens protectors are 1/8″ plastic with elastic to hold them in place.

The covers for the adjustment screws are aluminum and the screw threading appears to be good quality and should hold up well.

The scope features a 50mm objective lens to let in as much light as possible giving you a crisp image to look at. At the other end of the scope, we find that the scope can be adjusted for anywhere from 3-9x magnification. While anything over 4 is pretty much useless for shooting at target in airsoft, it makes good for spotting potential threats at farther distances. Additionally, the scope features a range finding graph (which is beyond my ability to understand aside from the cross-hairs) that can be illuminated as well. The illumination ranges from 0-11 and lights up the range finding graph in red lighting.

I used this scope on my UTG L96, and found that it works rather well. Sighting in the scope was fairly easy using the commonly found adjustment screws on the top and side of the scope. After being tossed in my closet on several occasions and bumped about, the scope didn’t loose it’s zero point. The instructions were decent for an Asian made product, and got the point across on how to adjust it. The magnification adjustment ring turns smoothly, although the tension on it increases with the magnification. One thing I did note, is that there is a bit of distortion around the edges of the image when looking through the scope. While this isn’t a real problem (especially in airsoft), I wouldn’t recommend using this for a real firearm.

I have not had a chance to try the scope out in low light conditions outside to fully test the illuminated reticule, but I intend to and update the review with it’s performance.

The weather here has not been such to allow me to test it’s anti-fog ability, so I did the next best thing. I took the scope and set it on the sink while I took a nice hot shower. Looking through the scope after the shower, it was foggy. Now, keep in mind this is much more extreme than what you’d get just being outside playing airsoft, but it was the only way I had to test it. Now the fogging did subside quickly after I took it out of the bathroom, but if you’re caught on a hot muggy day in a slight drizzle, you might see some fogging, although I’d expect it to be minimal.

Overall, the quality of this scope is comparable to those in it’s class and features. With 3-9x magnification and with a 50mm objective lens, this is a good deal. Add in the illuminated reticule and again, a good deal. If you’re looking for a decent scope, and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for something that will never be used on a real firearm, then picking one of these up from AirSplat would be a good decision.

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