Thursday, April 12, 2007

Force on Force Training Simmunitions vs Airsoft Guns

Simmunitions is the name of state-of-the-art training ammo that is used by law enforcement, military, and security for realistic force-on-force firearm training exercises. Simmunition rounds are fired from real firearms that have temporarily been converted for such purposes. While this obviously increases the realism of the drills and exercises it also increases the risks of accidents and injuries.Over the years there have been numerous deaths related to the use of Simmunition rounds. Most of the deaths were due to unsafe practices, such as allowing participants to bring live firearms and live rounds into the training area. In some cases participants were directly injured by the training rounds themselves. However, we know that in order for training to be street-effective it must be as real as possible while avoiding injuries and deaths. This is why Simmunitions and other similar products are so highly valued by reality-based trainers. However, there are other issues regarding the use of Simmunitions and similar products.1) Simmunitions are generally only available to law enforcement, military, and security personnel.2) Simmunition rounds can be very expensive at approximately $2 per round plus the cost of conversion kits for each firearm used.3) Requires specialized protective gear that can also be costly.4) Simmunitions obviously involve some safety issues as mentioned aboveAll of these issues can be quite frustrating for the civilian trainer who wants to increase their defensive and tactical knowledge as well as their firearm handling skills. Although, thanks to modern technology we know have a solution- Airsoft.Airsoft replicas have many advantages over Simmunitions and other similar products, to include:1) Readily and easily available to everyone.2) While the costs can vary depending on the type and quality of the gun, generally Airsoft are less expensive overall. Rounds average $3 per 500-1000 and can be used multiple times.3) Minimal protective gear is required and it can generally be picked up at any sporting goods store that carries paintball or airsoft supplies.4) Proper safety protocols are still a requirement for Airsoft training but are obviously minimized with the use of Airsoftreplicas.In short, Airsoft replicas now represent the safest and least expensive way to increase tactical and defensive firearm skills.This training tool has been adopted by law enforcement and security officers around the globe. If it works so well for them, it obviously will work for the rest of us too.

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