Sunday, March 11, 2007

Airsoft Rant - LONG

New Rant Regarding "AirSoft"
I will never understand why today I am bothering to write this rant. As the people it's meant to reach out to are too brainwashed by all the propaganda surrounding it's community to even consider something other than the crap they've been telling themselves since the brief history of time. This is gonna be a very long one so if this is something you don't know or care about, don't bother with it. However if your into airsoft or are interested in what I have to say, I think it's well worth the read. At the bottom there will be a brief summary which you can read instead of the entire rant. The rant is for detailed information and humorous purposes only, and is not needed to get the general point. With that aside, onto the rant.
Please not this entry is based entirely on my own opinion and people make their own choices. I am not responcible for what another person chooses to do.

Airsofter hobbyists who will stop at nothing to destroy "backyard airsofting" tick me off to no end. They believe that brandishing a "replica firearm" in the slightest shred of public view at all is an awful and terrible sin clearly stated in the Bible of AirSoft. Section 1:1 "How not to be a nOOb". This to some extent, is in fact understandable. It's not a good idea for a couple kids to be running around at the park with realistic black or silver guns. That's just asking to scare people and have the cops come. But if they have a decent sized orange tip, or even better, they are clear or transparent, and have a velocity of 315 fps or below, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with a quick game at a field, in the woods, at a little creek, or perhaps even at a run down old park that dosn't get much pedestrians or traffic, your friend's yard or something like that. Granted your really still not supposed to do it, but personaly I find that there really isn't any harm in it. They are harmless plastic toys. Nobody is gonna see a few kids with a few clear guns at some useless place like that and start foaming at the mouth asking the senate to ban airsoft guns. News flash! Most people who don't actualy play themselves don't even know nor care about airsoft or airsoft guns! Rather than mistaking them to be a firearm, one of two things will probably happen: They will probably think it's some cap gun piece of crap from Toys R Us. Or they, like most people, have heard of pellet and BB guns and will dismiss it as nothing more, especialy after seeing the gun's discharge and only hearing something vaguely resembling a fart. No boom. For god's sake, it's T R A N S P A R E N T. Saying that using clear airsoft guns can scare people is ridiculous. I mean, there are water guns, toy guns, blank guns, cap guns, just to name a few. All of which, I might add, are either Clear, Black, Silver, Chrome or Neon colored! You gonna ask people not to play with those too? Your basicaly asking every kid to put down every toy gun they own, which is an outrageous concept. What's actualy hurting airsoft, are people with black guns who remove the orange blaze to purposfuly scare people, they get their punishment eventualy for it. It's not your problem, don't make such a big deal about it every time it happens and nobody else will. It's just another minor playing a sick joke, happens every day, always will. If they can't use airsoft guns they'll use pocket knives, spraypaint a bubble gun, or something to that effect. There is nothing you can do about it. Get over it.
What also hurts airsoft are some of the actual airsoft players themselves who make such a big deal about cheap springers. When the people and government see that a community is making a fuss about it's own fellow members and guns or items that they use, do you honestly think that helps either? You need to chill out! It's a plastic toy that is relatively harmless. What are you, some kind of hippy? Get over it.
But, alas, they are just looking out for their fellow community and looking out for the idea of being able to play airsoft. Although I don't think they are very smart or good at it. They don't understand "community". All they really want is to able to still shoot off their expensive Classic Armies at designated fields like a good little scout. If that's the case they have nothing to worry about and should stop worrying about AirSoft bans. They don't care about everyday people on low budgets who are just looking for a bit of fun with a springer or electric pistol. They should also think of the right for other people to play airsoft. Not everyone should have to afford a $250+ Automatic electric airsoft gun and have to go to a designated field just to use it. And suppose they are made with the intention of people actualy buying those expensive guns and playing them at expensive places, who in the hell made them Leader of the line? "Professional Hobbyist" does not translate to "Politician". It's not up to the big players to decide what you do. If people want to play with a few springers or cheap electric pistols, that's their choice. They payed for it. Leave them alone. They have just as much right to play as you do. Who's hurting the community more, a few quiet and responcible people who buy a few cheap airsoft guns for some innocent fun or frankly, an utterly annoying flock of supposed professionals picking on everyone else that dosn't meet their Holy standards? Funny how they complain about the Government getting ever so tighter on AirSoft laws but boss around anyone who admits to the horendous crime of playing outside a special field. Or maybe pick on anyone who uses the Cybergun brand. Hypocrite.
Mostly all paintball guns are black/silver and are considered by many to be more painful, and they stain things, leave splats and spots. And you don't see anywhere near as much senseless complaining and whining as you generaly will with airsoft. In past times, every kid had himself an air gun hanged up on his bedroom wall or something similar. They shot at much higher velocities, shot metal BB pellets, and were in rare cases possibly lethal. Yet Nobody cared, know why? Because the majority was responcible with them. That alone says enough.
What REALLY gets me, are the morons who actualy will tell someone that using a harmless airsoft gun in their own backyard is dangerous and is a harm to the airsoft community. That of course, is total BULLCRAP. This is again, propaganda from stuck up hobbyists who probably do very strange things down the barrel of their totaly pimped out Tokyo Marui. It's a T-O-Y. Toy. If the orange blaze is present, or it's a clear gun, your playing quietly in your own backyard shooting at a target or soda can, nobody is gonna bother you! If they do, it's because they are purposfuly being a prick. There are guns made for "plinking" for a reason. In the unlikely event law enforcement show up, they are trained to ask to you to freeze and are NOT supposed to shoot you in a lethal area unless they have to. The second you hear "Freeze!" like you SHOULD, you drop the gun right away, turn around, and explain that it's a toy. This is assuming they didn't already see the orange tip that COMES ATTACHED TO ALL TOY GUNS BY DEFAULT SO PEOPLE KNOW THEY ARE FAKE. You should always be accompanied by an adult if your gonna use your airsoft gun in your backyard or wherever, or be an adult for that matter. If you have common sense, have read and follow the safety precautions, and like said before, have an adult present, there is nothing wrong with using something you or your family paid for in the PRIVACY of your own property. Don't let a few geeks who spend hundreds perhaps even thousands of dollars on mere airsoft guns tell you what to do under the watch of your parents or in your home! You let yourself, being an adult, or your parents, being a kid, decide!
Next, are people who sit there and criticize Cybergun and "nOOb" springers. This isn't a very smart thing for them to do. Granted cybergun is a shafty company, but you should write them yourself and tell them your not happy, and/or silently tell your friends or whatever that you don't support or recommend that company. According to these same people, we're lucky we still have airsoft. If that's the case, don't go humiliating and criticizing the few companies who are still out there to produce these supposed controversial products. Shouting all kinds of boycott nonsense and rubbish like some do. Real smart. I'm sure that's doing lots of good for the community as well.
So to sum it all up here are some things you should consider fixing if people honestly believe airsoft will get banned for some reason or another:
1. Stop bossing everyone around and telling them what to buy, where to use it, and how. You arn't the law. That's not looking good for airsoft.
2. Stop making a big fuss everytime some dork get's busted for frightening people with an airsoft gun. All your doing is further spreading word of the incident, making it look like a much bigger problem than it is, and no matter what dumb rule book you cook up, people are gonna do what they want. If it's not an airsoft gun they'll find something else in the shape or form of a gun to scare people with.
3. For god's sake stop screaming all kinds of boycott garbage about Cybergun, KWC, and Crosman products. That dosn't help either. Some people call or consider Airsoft a sport. Well, I haven't seen anyone grumble about using a Wilson basketball, see what I'm saying?
4. Be responcible with your airsoft guns, and show that your responcible. Teach your friends and fellow players to be responcible and use common sense.
5. Write your government if you don't like what see about airsoft and law. Explain to them why you think they are making a bad move. Don't join the crowd and boss around, push and shove all the newbs because you think it's the only difference you can make. And if it is, you have no place bothering in my opinion.


  1. Anonymous8:34 PM

    i hate to disagree, but i do on some points. about shooting in the backyard: many airsofters take the orange tips off their guns to make it more realistic, and then go shoot in their backyard. then the police come and yada yada. they get into the news. yes, the police are not SUPPOSED to shoot vital areas when they feel threatened, but i have talked to local police officers, and EVERY SINGLE ONE says that if a gun is pointed in their direction, orange tip or not, they WILL SHOOT TO KILL. what you don't realize, however, is that many gangs paint orange tips on their real steel guns to cause the police to hesitate when they see them. the police realize this, and so treat every encounter as if it's the real deal. maybe i can see your point with the clear plastic guns, that's why all of them are clear at big 5 and walmart, but as long as you're using a realistic looking toy gun, you have no right to play in a public place. you are overestimating the public community mind. when a person sees anything that resembles a gun, they freak out and WILL call the police. nobody in their right mind should play airsoft in a public place, like a park, even with clear guns! when done so, passerbyers run the risk of getting hurt. it sounds like you haven't heard all the stories of kids KIDS getting shot by policemen because of their semi realistic looking TOY GUNS! and BTW, i'm an avid airsofter who used to play in the neighborhood, but now realizes the dangers of doing so, i guess you haven't had any encounters with cops and the public eye yet. if you keep it up, you will.

  2. I am replying to your rant as I read...
    [i]"But if they have a decent sized orange tip, or even better, they are clear or transparent, and have a velocity of 315 fps or below, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with a quick game at a field, in the woods, at a little creek, or perhaps even at a run down old park that dosn't get much pedestrians or traffic, your friend's yard or something like that."[/i]
    Orange tips do not matter. There have been numerous cases of gangsters and "bad guys" painting the tip of their real firearms orange. It is no longer safe to assume a cop will not shoot you if you have an orange tip. This also applys to clear guns, though to a much less extent. Second, FPS doesn't matter. I could be using a 200 FPS gun, it is still a very bady idea to use it in public.
    [i]"They are harmless plastic toys. Nobody is gonna see a few kids with a few clear guns at some useless place like that and start foaming at the mouth asking the senate to ban airsoft guns. News flash! Most people who don't actualy play themselves don't even know nor care about airsoft or airsoft guns! "[/i]
    They are not "harmless plastic toys." They can very well get shot. NEWS FLASH: Most people WILL care if they see kids running around with assault weapon-look-a-likes in a public area. I don't know where you're from but here in CA, you'd probably meet the police in a few minutes.
    Plus, it may be trespassing to play in a public area. That, plus the charge of brandishing a weapon (not matter if it's real or airsoft) is going to put you in a world of trouble.
    [i]"What also hurts airsoft are some of the actual airsoft players themselves who make such a big deal about cheap springers. When the people and government see that a community is making a fuss about it's own fellow members and guns or items that they use, do you honestly think that helps either? You need to chill out! It's a plastic toy that is relatively harmless. What are you, some kind of hippy? Get over it.[/i]
    I could care less if you play with cheap springers, electric-blow-backs, or an AEG, if you brandish it in public, I will make a big fuss about it. It's not the gun "actual airsoft players" fuss about, it's the fact that you completely disregard laws, boundaries, and common sense. And no, I'm not some hippy, I'm a freshman in high school who participates in 3 sports, has a 3.0 GPA average, and doesn't want to see on of his favorite hobbies rendered illegal because some punk-ass 13-year old can't follow common sense.
    In response to your next paragraph about how unfair it is that Classic Army users can play at designated fields...I own a Classic Army, and last summer, I didn't pay to play my every-other-week games. That's because the people I played with had access to private land. You think it's hard to find land to play? You haven't seen the Silicon Valley then. Imagine New York divided by two. That's how much space we get to play in. If you like airsoft, you'll go through to trouble of finding somewhere suitable to play. Otherwise, you're not doing any good to the hobby. Oh, and by the way, it's not my fault you can't save up for a Classic Army. Airsoft takes discipline and basic economic skills to even start. Learn to save money. I saved up two years worth of Christmas/Birthday/New Years money to buy a Classic Army AEG. enough gear for my brother and I, and other misc items. If you're old enough, having a job helps, too. If you don't do any sports, there is no excuse for not having a job if you're above 15.
    If you are playing in a public area, no matter what type of airsoft gun you're using (yes, including springers and EBBs), you are not innocent and frankly, I will not shed a tear if you get shot by the police.
    Paintball guns 1) do not look like real guns and so arouse a lot less suspicion and 2) usually are owned by players who play on private land or designated fields.
    People with BB guns or pellet rifles never shot at anyone either. It's not a question of responsibility; it's a question of common sense.
    Airsoft is not "just a toy." Airsoft guns are REPLICAs. There is a distinct difference. Pick up a copy of SOF. Look in the ads. Do you see those 8mm blank-firing GLOCKS and PPKs? Those are replicas as well and if I recall correctly, they are illegal to shoot within city limits. I've already discussed the orange tips and clear bodies, so I won't go over that again.
    As for backyard use...You are treading on a very blurred line. Some people have 50-acre backyards (not, I'm not "bullcrapping" you) and some (like me) don't even have backyards. The guy who has the 50-acre backyard and says he backyard-airsofts is fine as long as it's fenced and has clear boundaries. It's private land, and if they see anybody (besides family and the people they're playing with) on the field, it's called trespassing. However, say you have a gas blow-back and a backyard of 100 ft by 500 ft. It is unadvisable to shoot the GBB, and AEG, or even a springer? Why? With such a small backyard, it is VERY likely you will be noticed. Cops will yell freeze, and even after explaining that it (the airsoft gun) is a toy, they will probably confiscate it.
    In the end...if you like airsoft so much that you're willing to play on public fields, I hope you have some common sense. It is not unfair that you do not have a field to play at. You just aren't looking hard enough. As I've said before, I live in Silicon Valley, CA-the land where there is nowhere more than 1 mile by 1 mile without a building nearby. It took me several weeks to find and list out 7+ fields to play at (most, free though some with small acceptable fee) but in the end, it's worth it because I KNOW for SURE that I am not disobeying the law and contributing to all the bad press about airsoft. Be patient, take some time, follow common sense and standard guidelines, and you will have a lot more fun and a lot less flames directed at you. When people bash on you, it's usually not the gun; it's the fact that you are airsofting in a public area. For hobbyists like me, it is quite an insult to see somebody like you doing something that IS endangering our hobbey. Once you set foot on public land, no matter if your gun is clear or has a orange marking, you are tarnishing the hobbey/sport of airsoft. It is not longer a safe and fun way to play with friends.
    Please think about this and take into consideration all I have said. Hopefully you will change your mind and help better the public's image of airsoft.

  3. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Actually, when viewed from a distance of over fifty meters, a transparent, plastic replica appears to be opaque, like an actual firearm painted white.

  4. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Dude i cant bieleve you, although i do agree with alot of your points i also disagree, we airsofters treat it as a sport not as "toys" or something like that, i myslef have spent hundreds of dallers on guns and im only 14, its called saving up so anyone that doesnt have enouph common sense to treat airsoft guns as something dangerous should be arrested or have thier guns confiscatted.

  5. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Stupid kid. You prove darwin is not so wrong.

  6. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Social Darwinism takes its course...;boardseen#new

    Please, view the above site.

    I would write a long winded, well thought out response, but I think I can sum it up in.. several sentences.

    You are WRONG. If you want a quick game, play paintball. Airsoft is for those who are responsible and are smart enough not to brandish their weapon in public. Public or private, if your airsoft gun can be seen it is dangerous, and even illegal in some states.

    Look, LEOs will not hesitate to put a couple pieces of lead in you if they feel threatened enough. They will not hesitate and wait to see if what you have is a real gun. They will take action for their own, and the public's saftey. If you see an outline of a handgun in the hands of a teenagers in hoodies, you would instantly assume it is a gun. Not many toy guns other than airsoft look so similar to the real thing. What fraction of the US population knows what airsoft is? 1/100? 1/1,000? Maybe 1/1,000,000.

    You are making a sweeping generalizaion about airsoft hobbyists. In any hobbies, you will have your select few who take their hobby very passionatley. Most players, however, do not go to designated fields and simply find a group near them and some private property THAT IS FAR FROM PUBLIC VIEW to play on.

    Anyways, playing in the park can be considered brandishing your gun or toy gun in public. That is, in most cases, ILLEGAL. If it is not clearly stated as a law and you are caught, your airsoft guns WILL STILL be confiscated and broken.

    People will do what they want. You cannot tell people to stop discouraging the irresponsibility just because you are annoyed by it. In fact, I believe the majority of the people reading your rant find you to be annoying and would have you silenced if they could.

    The point of experienced airsofters telling newer players to avoid certain brands is to HELP. Those brands, which repackage guns manufactured in China, are, for the most part, LOW QUALITY. Although China has made vast improvements in the past year, the only point of airsofters saying this is for the benifit of the new players, not because they get a kick out of ... not buying crap. No one is bossing you around to do anything. You have your own free will. No one over the internet can FORCE you to do things. What people on internet forums and websites do is discourage such actions that bring Airsoft a bad reputation. It DOES make a difference. No matter what you think, it DOES make a difference.

    I'm willing to bet the person who made this rant was banned from a large airsoft based forum, and is seeking revenge.

  7. Anonymous8:29 PM

    my backyard is not 100x500, so? i still play there. but i have talked to policemen before, and we have come to an understanding. we dont screw with other poeple and play legaly, and they will allow us to enjoy our time in aiorsoft. also, when they yell freeaze, do not drop the gun and start babbling. the sudden movement from your drop my make him twitch, increasing your chance of being shot. and dont say anything until they ask you to. just keep your hand away from the trigger and slowly lower the gun to the ground, allowing him/her to see your hands at all times. as for parks, bad idea unless you have permission. if you dont, u are already breaking the law...trespassing.

  8. Anonymous8:09 PM

    You can read about what the REAL airsoft community thinks here:

    Frankly, people like you are a danger to our sport.

  9. Anonymous7:42 PM

    please kill yourself, as soon as possible for the betterment of the airsoft community. I hope you have an encounter with the cops that will set you straight, you ignorant fuck.

  10. Anonymous1:05 PM

    I agree with the fact that playing in a large backyard or wooded area can be ok as long as it is completely out of view of the public and precautions are taken. I don't have any designated fields close to me either.
    But I do think it's a bad idea to be playing in any sort of public park. And even though an LEO might not kill you at the first sight of anything that resembles a gun, why take the risk?

    TO WHOEVER POSTED THE COMMENT AT 7:42 PM: Simply posting a comment that makes you the ignorant f*** in my mind. If you don't have something constructive to post, don't post it.

  11. Anonymous7:46 PM

    WTF!!!! you know nothing about airsoft go fall in a ditch ya dumb @$$ obviously youve never heard of a cop shooting an airsofter it happens

  12. Anonymous9:54 AM

    I honestly do not even know where to start with this. Almost every sentence in that 'rant' was biased, jaded and a contribution to the never-ending stream of bulls**t that made up that rant.

    Airsofters who try to avoid people partaking in 'backyard airsofting', like myself, do so for a very obvious reason. People in their backyard with guns, real or not, that resemble real guns - as airsoft guns are supposed to - are going to have the Police called on them. Why? Because somebody who sees this scene and doesnt know what airsoft is (FYI: like the majority of the population) is going to do what most people would do: get scared and call the Police. That is why 'backyard airsofting' is, in my opinion, a terrible idea.

    As far as playing in public places, like you mentioned, the same idea applies, except multiplied by several times. Why? Because you're in a PUBLIC place with a GUN. That is you asking to have the police called on you and most likely, you will get shot. This is the likely outcome because when you do this you put yourself in a position to be viewed as a danger to society. That is where the police come in and deal with something that is a potential threat to society. When you brandish is weapon, real or replica, in public you are no longer Average Joe, you are a potential criminal. Simple as that. It doesnt matter how much orange paint you put on your gun or what the velocity is, you will be viewed as a danger to society. Thats it.
    As far as people on a budget looking to play airsoft while avoiding purchasing AEGs, that entire argument is null. Airsoft is an expensive sport. Dont like or cant accept that? Tough, get over it, or, do what I did: grow up and get a job. People who play airsoft as it is meant to be played are not hurting the sport, irresponsible kids like yourself who see no problem with brandishing weapons in public and getting shot ARE hurting airsoft. As far as people, like myself, who are trying to avoid 'backyard airsoft' incidents not knowing what a 'community is about', we do know what its about. Personally, I love my local airsoft community and I dont want to lose it; THAT is why I disagree with you and THAT is why Im writing this right now. I think you misunderstand where we are coming from. You think we're trying to repress you or keep you down. No. We have a genuine love for our sport and we dont want misinformed, irresponsible people such as yourself getting shot while holding an airsoft gun and giving our sport a bad name.
    Designated fields is, in my opinion, the best idea when it comes to playing airsoft. In fact, its basically the only way to have a fail-safe against police involvement with airsofters. Designated fields means airsofters have a place to go where they can play, in private, out of the public eye and without fear that the authorities will come to investigate the "armed men wearing military uniforms and gear and carrying assault rifles." What you dont realize is that the reason governments are becoming strict about airsoft guns is BECAUSE OF people who use them irresponsibly. Look at the case in Great Britain. The British Government wants to ban airsoft. Why? Is it because of responsible airsofters who have been playing safely and following common sense for so long? Absolutely not! Its because people are walking into stores and holding them up with airsoft guns. It is people like that who are hurting this sport. The same thing applies to your idea of wielding airsoft guns in public!
    In regards to having the police called on you because you're playing in your backyard: this is common sense. If a neighbor sees a gun that looks like an assault rifle, they are going to get scared. Its common sense and human nature. As far as the police go, they have every right to use lethal force if they feel they or anybody else is being put in danger. You, holding an assault rifle, real or replica, is potentially putting them in danger. FYI: do you realize how easy it is to go to ANY hobby store and buy a can of orange spray-paint and paint the tip of a REAL gun orange? Here's a hint: EXTREMELY! How is a police officer supposed to know if you've done this or not? Police officers are human too. Regardless of what you might think, they dont have super-powers to know what guns are real or not. Also, they, like you and I, have families that I am very sure they would like to go home to every night. Furthermore, it has happened FAR too often that the police have been called on 'backyard airsoft games' and have mistook the airsoft guns for real guns. The worst publicity a sport can get is somebody being shot by a cop because that cop felt their life was in danger. THAT is the publicity myself and others are trying to avoid. The fact that we warn people about it is not bad publicity, that is us trying to watch out for fellow airsofters and our airsoft community in general.

    In summation, you seem to have very little, if any, idea what you are talking about. If you want to do the airsoft community any help at all, which you say you do, I suggest you stop spewing out this nonsense. I dont know why you believe what you do, or what possessed you to write it but please, stop.

  13. Anonymous5:46 PM

    don't listen to these retards, i agree with you cuz if its clear and in your backyard only a retard would consider it real.

  14. airsofter11:50 PM

    hmmm... I understand that clear guns should be legal but i also agree that REPLICA assault rifles could easily be real guns. A cop can't decide in under a second that his life isn't in danger. But in your backyard just stay out of view..... Or don't do it at all.